Need way to copy and rename files in one step

With the Copy function being deprecated (and causing errors where still used), I have started redoing my huge project to replace copy with xcopy. After building an executable, I need to make several copies of it with a different name in the same directory. I can’t just rename the file because I still need to keep the original file. Unfortunately, xcopy does not allow the file to be renamed. filesets also do not allow files to be renamed.

The only thing I can do now is copy the file to a temporary location, rename that copy, and then move it back. I have to do this 21 times, so I am going from 21 copies to 63 procedures. All of this is in only one target. I have 18 target tabs I have to update.

Please bring a fixed copy function back or give me a way to make a copy and rename at the same time.

Hi Christina

Which actions exactly are you referencing? The Copy Files action does allow renaming and still works (I just tried it). If you are seeing problems with it then please do report them to support and we’ll try to resolve any issues.

I will review why it was marked as deprecated, but either way we won’t be removing it anytime soon. I suspect this is a documentation bug, as it’s not marked as deprecated in the action itself.