VBScript: Access to INI and Registy

There are already some functions: GetValueFromIniFile and SetValueInIniFile

But it would be nice if there were a few more functions:

GetSectionKeysFromIniFile(AIniFile, ASection)

GetValueFromRegistry(AKeyPath, AName, ADefault)
SetValueInRegistry(AKeyPath, AName, AValue, ARegType)
RemoveValueInRegistry(AKeyPath, AName)

ARegType: Default=REG_SZ or current typ if Value exists

Assembled from individual actions, such loops are slow
and we would have liked to have implemented it as one script.
INI: Ini File Iterator
Registry: Export Registry Key + Ini File Iterator + StrinReplace (to remove " , etc.)

Self-made solutions for INI in VBScript and PowerShell are not necessarily pretty.