Organise your build easily with FinalBuilder Server's included features

Graphical Interface

FinalBuilder's web interface has been carefully crafted to combine functionality with usability. Enjoy an accelerated web experience with AJAX status pages, logs, properties pages and flash based build metrics.

Web Build Logs

Comprehensive record keeping is built into FinalBuilder and so is a straightforward method to access this information remotely. Get remote access to the finer details of your build using the dynamic or static logs.

Build Metrics

More than just the numbers, FinalBuilder Server's build metrics provide an insight into the quality of your builds over the life of the project. These interactive charts expose trends in compiler errors, unit test results and help compiler errors.

Team Management

FinalBuilder Server integrates seamlessly with your existing Active Directory accounts to make team management a breeze. The built-in team system also provides customizable security roles and permissions for interaction with projects, triggers, server configuration and more.