Team Management

Team Management System

A range of features included in FinalBuilder Server help simplify the management of teams, both large and small. Firstly, user accounts can easily be created and maintained by creating new accounts in FinalBuilder Server or taking advantage of the built-in LDAP integration to use your existing Active Directory accounts. FinalBuilder Server also offers user level security for your build projects through a role based permissions system.

User authentication with LDAP

To streamline the process of creating users and automatically keep user accounts up-to-date, FinalBuilder Server includes an option to integrate with Active Directory. When adding new users, select “Active Directory” for the authentication method and you’ll be provided with a complete list of existing users from the domain controller.

LDAP integration allows you to migrate user accounts from Active Directory to reduce the overhead of creating users in the initial configuration of FinalBuilder Server. It also provides automated user account maintenance as your team members’ usernames, passwords and other details will always be up-to-date with Active Directory.