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Vincent Parrett
Vincent Parrett

CEO and Original developer of FinalBuilder.

So what do you think?

A new website, more functionality, community downloads, forums etc.

Olivier Beltrami, owner of Alter Ego Services, talks about how FinalBuilder is an essential tool that they just couldn't do without.

Any non-trivial software project can benefit from a standardised, formal build process. Delivering quality software requires that you have a quality process for producing the deliverables.

FinalBuilder 4 - more on Async Action Groups

Last week we announced on our newsgroups that the Free Upgrade period started on Oct 1 2005

I was just surfing looking for some user interface inspiration (trying to get away from modal dialogs!) and came across this interesting site

I just spent the last hour or so searching for a hotel near the Los Angeles Convention Center. Turns out just about everything is totally booked out

We'll be exhibiting at Microsoft PDC'05 - September 13, 2005 - September 16, 2005 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, California.

I spent the last few days playing with VS 2005, testing the VS.NET support in Finalbuilder 3

One of the difficult issues we face as a small isv, is managing growth. The fact is we are growing and our customer base is expanding, which is great