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Vincent Parrett
Vincent Parrett

CEO and Original developer of FinalBuilder.

Adam White, Manager of Test Engineering at PlateSpin talks about how FinalBuilder revolutionized their build process.

Brad Wardell's 10 rules for success... a very interesting read.

NNTP vs Web Forums

Why did we decide to switch to using a WebForum? What will happen with our NNTP server?

Our online store is a custom written asp.net 2.0 application, written over a year ago. Since we decided to implement the website using DNN

How FinalBuilder and Automise's Variable expansion works

So what do you think?

A new website, more functionality, community downloads, forums etc.

Olivier Beltrami, owner of Alter Ego Services, talks about how FinalBuilder is an essential tool that they just couldn't do without.

Any non-trivial software project can benefit from a standardised, formal build process. Delivering quality software requires that you have a quality process for producing the deliverables.

FinalBuilder 4 - more on Async Action Groups

Last week we announced on our newsgroups that the Free Upgrade period started on Oct 1 2005