FinalBuilder 7 Version History

3rd November 2012

  • TFS Trigger - Added support for TFS2012

6th January 2012

  • Accurev Trigger - Fixed incorrect format of date parameters for certain locales
  • File Trigger - Added option to register items where action matches selected events

6th December 2011

  • Fixed custom extension objects from expiring.

17th November 2011

  • Added "ProjectLogLocation" app config setting.
  • Fixed PlasticSCM Trigger reporting incorrect file revisions in some cases.

9th September 2011

  • Added Bazaar Trigger.
  • Added SSL validation check so that the notification app can use HTTPS servers.
  • Fixed custom error page handling.
  • Increased width of trigger and project lists on the Conditions page.

22nd August 2011

  • Added logging for when a trigger executable can't be terminated.
  • Added sort option for Last Run Date (descending).
  • Additional option on Project Completed Trigger to trigger based on how the project was started.
  • Can now reset project history and stats via the edit project page.
  • Fixed broken Active flag on variables.
  • Fixed bug with Reset History removing history for all projects using the same project file.
  • Fixed elapsed time rolling around after 24hours.
  • Fixed filename being truncated to aggressively in UI.
  • Fixed html encoding bug on project history page.
  • Fixed project not found exception being shown. Now redirects back to the home page when the project your on has been deleted.
  • Handle error when project file has been deleted from underneath a project.
  • If a user has been denied access to a project, they can no longer view it.
  • New ViewProject permission added to roles. By default all existing roles are given the new permission to maintain backwards compatibility.
  • TFS triggers hitting the same server will now run sequentially rather than in parallel.
  • Triggers that are in an errored state are now re-tried after 10 minutes, rather than being permanently put aside.
  • Unit test results are now displayed if any tests exist (rather than based on execution time).

5th May 2011

  • Added "printable" version of static log.
  • Added option to use service credentials.
  • Fixed javascript memory issue on the status page.
  • Fixed memory issue with javascript on the project status page.
  • If the ProjectCompletedTrigger is disabled and re-enabled, it will only trigger if the project it is monitoring completes after the time that it was re-enabled.

4th April 2011

  • Added hover-highlighting to rows in the project list view.
  • Fixed a bug which was causing the service to not shutdown immediatly.
  • Fixed bug with incorrectly formatted email address.
  • Fixed a double-encoding bug in the Notification app.
  • Added extra checks to handle requests for non-existent projects.
  • Fixed File Trigger to be more rebust when network shares are removed while being monitored.
  • Fixed PlasticSCM Trigger to handle xml characters within commit comments.
  • IIS Wizard - changed to properly handle the case when a user attempts to create an application when no sites are defined in IIS.
  • Minor tweak to give pop-up panel focus when it doesn't contain contain a table.
  • More checking around saving configuration files.
  • Possible fix for AV when calling LoadUserProfile.
  • Updated the stub to match changes to TriggerExecutionContext. Now requires IronPython (previously worked with regular python).
  • Widened the variable prompt.

3rd February 2011

  • Added ComparisonDateTime property to the Script Based Trigger context object. Updated help and examples.
  • Fixed bug in Monthly and Weekly time trigger where they were not checking the specified execution time.
  • Fixed blank variables in build when percentages are used in the variable value.
  • Increased the width of the variable selection dropdown list to allow for longer variable names.
  • Fixed an edge-case bug that caused some triggers to never be run.
  • Re-adding icons that somehow were removed from the project.

17th January 2011

  • Fixed bug with projects not starting when in list view and prompting for variables is enabled.
  • Fixed regression with password variable prompt type.
  • Increased the width of the project file drop down.
  • The prompt for variables prompt width has been increased.
  • Deleted projects are now removed from the status form.
  • When a trigger generates an exception, it is now no longer re-enqueued to run.

7th December 2010

  • Added a 'None' option for the project sorting.
  • Xml characters within commit comments are correctly escaped.
  • Updated configuration utilties mutex to be version aware.
  • Fixed 'Test Connection' in the notification application.
  • Fixed encoding issue with variable name for the build overview page.
  • Fixed issue with values between angled brackets being omitted from the trigger output.
  • Fixed role with empty description causing communication exceptions.
  • Fixed GIT trigger looking in the wrong home directory.

4 August 2010

  • Initial Release