FinalBuilder Server 5 Version History


November 20, 2007

FinalBuilder Server

  • [Bug] Domain users were not being properly authenticated when starting a build.
  • [Bug] Installer would try to enable ASP.NET Web Extensions on IIS 5 & IIS 5.1.
  • [Bug] Time Trigger would trigger a build when server was reset.
  • [Bug] Certain characters would cause the build logs to not be read properly from the log server.
  • [Bug] Notification variable '%EndTime%' would contain the last builds end time if the current build was stopped.
  • [Bug] Time Trigger page was not loading/saving values when the calendar control was used.
  • [Bug] Changed the wording of the hint text on the notification edit page.
  • [Bug] Fixed validation of Project Files on the manage project files page.
  • [Bug] Having more then three users caused different users to become inactive each time the server started.
  • [Bug] Time trigger now supports triggering hourly with an offset of how many minutes past the hour to trigger.
  • [Change] Speed improvements to the static build log.
  • [Change] Improved error messages received when trying to start a build with an invalid user.
  • [Change] Notification variable '%FailureReason%' now contains the error messages from the last action that failed.