Visual Studio Magazine
"FinalBuilder can automate more than 600 functions, including the scheduling of daily or nightly builds, running multiple tasks in parallel, handling errors, and dynamically changing the build flow."

New Products Editor - Visual Studio Magazine

Joel on Software
"We've been using a product called FinalBuilder since last December, and in fact it is so good that in addition to daily builds we've pretty much started using it instead of scripts for routine system administration stuff for us (like moving files around for backup purposes, etc.) I highly recommend it."

Joel Spolsky - Joel on Software - Full Review

MSDN Magazine ToolBox
"The build process is an ideal candidate for automation, and FinalBuilder makes managing this process as easy as point and click."

Scott Mitchell

Better Software Magazine
"Adam White says he’s generally set in his ways regarding daily use test tools, but he found an exception in FinalBuilder."

Adam White - StickyNotes

"In short, its the most usable and powerful Build engine and process configuration tool I've used, and I'm not the only one loving it."

Roy Osherove - Full Review

The Delphi Magazine - Issue 113
"[FinalBuilder's] collection of build actions is very comprehensive and should cover virtually all of a developer's needs."

Craig Murphy

Programmers Heaven
"Before I took over as lead developer here, Tore (the founder and webmaster here) had already automated the build process using Final Builder. It's GUI-driven, has plug-ins for numerous source control systems, compilers, unit test suites and so on as well as a huge range of file operations - and far more that we've just not needed yet."

Jonathan Worthington - Programmers Heaven  - Full Post

Application Development Trends Magazine
"FinalBuilder is my build utility of choice, and with 2.0 [VSoft Technologies] has added a batch of new features to an already impressive piece of software."

Mike Gunderloy - ADT Magazine - Full Article

We've been using a product called FinalBuilder since last December, and in fact it is so good that in addition to daily builds we've pretty much started using it instead of scripts for routine system administration stuff for us (like moving files around for backup purposes, etc.) I highly recommend it.

-Joel Spolsky Joel on Software

At Demiurge, FinalBuilder has replaced literally thousands of lines of build scripts with a simple, web-accessible build process with logs and errors that all our developers can see and understand. It's straightforward, stable, and powerful, and the support staff at VSoft have always been helpful and responsive.

-Andrew Moise Demiurge Studios

I have been using FB during the product beta to control our software suite build process (which included several .exes, .dlls, plugin modules, two install utilities, and help files amongst other things). FB has worked flawlessly during beta, and has turned a time consuming (30 minutes previously) (and potentially error prone) process into a no-brainer (between 2 and 5 minutes, partial/full build). It even allows me to update our VCS, notify our integration team and beta testers of the new build, and FTP the files. Vincent's timely and active support indicates his commitment to FB, .. newly requested features usually appear within a couple of builds. I would strongly recommend FinalBuilder to anyone with anything but the most simple software project under development!

-Steve Forbes, Flagship Pty Ltd

This product is totally amazing. We have a very complex build process that hooks into TeamSystem and can make a build from any branch at any point in time. Building 80 projects with almost 500K lines of code with full installer, auto generating release notes, bugs and tasks completed, and emailing everyone on the team starts with one click and takes about 8 minutes to finish. VSoft Technologies have one of the best support staff in the industry. They are quick to respond, friendly and professional, and are very eager to help out in any way they can. More software companies should take a lesson from VSoft on how to properly support their customers.Without exaggeration, Final Builder has saved us countless hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

-Robert Kozak, Nowcom

I use FinalBuilder for every TopStyle and FeedDemon build, and wouldn't live without it.

-Nick Bradbury, Bradbury Software

I have been playing with the new FinalBuilder Server build and I have to say, I love it.

-J. Michael Lynch, Software Configuration Manager, MapFrame

Now that I'm delivering multiple customized versions of my software to various commercial partners, FinalBuilder is showing its power. Not only I no longer make mistakes when building these different versions but the whole process takes minutes instead of consuming hours. I don't know how I could do without FinalBuilder now that I have started using intensively.

-Patrick Philippot - Microsoft MVP, MainSoft Consulting Services

I'm a huge FinalBuilder fan. I think it may very well be one of my favorite pieces of software out there. It's incredibly useful, hopelessly easy to use, and very powerful. All software development organizations worth their salt should be doing daily, reproducible, controlled builds, and FinalBuilder makes it so easy it's not even funny. Can't recommend this product enough.

-Nick Hodges, Borland Software Corporation

FinalBuilder is one truly indispensable tool in my toolset. I will no longer work on a project without using FinalBuilder in some capacity. Try this product.

-Robert Leahy, Delphi Informant

Just wanted to say that I think FinalBuilder is a great product. I'd hate to have to count the number of hours it has saved me!

-Jeremy North, JED Software

FinalBuilder is the best software development tool for doing builds. FinalBuilder now manages approx. 50 builds of our database software using several languages including Delphi, C++Builder, VB and .NET. Its all done with a single script that takes a few minutes to run. The output that FB generates makes it easy to track and isolate any problems thay may occur during the process. Congratulations on a fantastic product.

-Anthony Carrabino, Vista Software

Wow! FinalBuilder Server appears to auto detect our Active Directory Server. I setup my account without any major problems. I was able to authenticate and use the server... That was really easy! I suspected I would be 10-20 minutes configuring this support (like I have had to do with other software). I spent less than 3 and that includes writing this email.

-Robert Love,

Our team really loves FB and we use it for a bunch of stuff. It beats the hell out of batch files and shell scripts and is really the core of our distributed build system. Working on a next-gen AAA title with a huge team (100+ people) means we need to have a very agile build methodology and FB lets us roll out modifications to the build extremely quickly.

-Derek Van Tonder, Pandemic Studios

I've been using FinalBuilder for about a year or so now, and I just wanted to let you folks know that I consider it one of the best software investments I've ever made. Period. I sincerely believe that my FinalBuilder license purchase paid for itself within the first week of use, and the dividends have just kept coming ever since.

-Mark Richards, Key Metric Software, LLC

The productivity over Nant scripts is phenomenal. I'd guess I've spent 2 weeks learning Nant and then a further 2 working days copy/pasting and testing this software projects Nant automated build, while [FinalBuilder] had me up and working in less than 3 hours.

-Jamie Clayton

Working with FBS have been very nice. Also, working with you guys, with lightning quick response times and the willingness to help has been most pleasurable.

-Ariel Raunstien R&D Team Leader, Nogacom LTD

FinalBuilder takes an action that many programmers are currently doing either manually and/or with batch files and automates it in a very easy to use and nicely polished user interface. The way FinalBuilder is changing our build process reminds me a lot of how CodeSite (from Raize Software) changed our debugging process. Highly's the RAD way to build.

-Jim Gunkel, Nevrona Designs

I would like to say that this has proven to be one incredible product, solving many headaches with regards to automating our build and distribution process for 3 separate products. Vincent has been incredible in responding to feature requests. I recommend this product very, very highly.

-Luk Vermeulen, Project Jedi

FB works intuitively and provides a rich set of automating, scripting and debugging tools. It has saved us countless hours of the type of manual drudgery that programmers naturally hate. It makes our custom processes for builds, releases, betas, patches and OEM versions faster and more reliable. We have found the FB staff responsive to problem reports and feature requests through email and on their newsgroups.

-Phil Webster, cSwing

We used to write long, complex DOS batch files to automate our build process. If something went wrong, which it quite often did, finding the cause of the error could be a long process. FinalBuilder allows quick and easy debugging of build processes in a robust environment which has saved many hours of development time.

-Steve 'Sly' Williams, Krome Studios