FinalBuilder 4 Version History

May 1, 2007

FinalBuilder IDE
  • Updated embedded database library
  • Bug - fixed order of variable reset so it is before command line variables are processed
  • Bug - fixed disabled siblings of switch/case actions getting executed
  • Bug - fixed bug when calling an action list more than once in an included project
  • Updated certificate for installer
  • ExportLog - enhanced speed by a factor of 10
  • C++ Builder - fixed issue with EurekaLog settings not being preserved
  • Delphi - fixed bug where action should have failed if bdsproj file is missing
  • Delphi - fixed bug where updating version info in bdsproj was writing 1's and 0's instead of True and False
  • Assembly Info Updater - fixed parsing problem with spaces after quotes
  • VB Project Compiler - added OnResolveProjectReference script event
  • Create Text File - fixed bug with unhandled exception if file could not be created
  • Delete Files - fixed "Delete hidden files" caption
  • FTP - fixed occasional connection bug
  • PVCS - fixed position of some controls
  • VS.Net - removed workaround for bug in RC of VS2005
  • Wait for remote computer - fixed ping detection to not be language specific
  • Zip - fixed bug with extra spaces in exclude files
  • VS.Net Solution - fixed bug with updating version information

October 30, 2006

FinalBuilder IDE
  • Fixed bug - floating point exception when calling some COM actions
  • Fixed bug - "invalid state" when stepping into a skipped Run Action List action
  • Fixed bug - Browse For File/Folder was not handling exceptions when expanding expressions
  • Fixed bug - Invalid HTML for QuickHelp caused ActionInfo frame to display an error
  • Fixed bug - fixed minor path and working directory bug with CruiseControl.NET integration
  • Import VB6 Wizard - fixed UI painting problem
  • COM+ Actions - Added COM+ Partition support
  • ASPack - Appended the actual command line switches on the ASPack prop page
  • ASPack - Added /Q option
  • IIS6 Actions - Improved exception message retrieval
  • TeamFoundation Actions - Now autodetects tf.exe path from the options frame as well as the action
  • TeamFoundation Actions - Added check in "fail if no pending changes" option
  • TeamFoundation Actions - Fixed Unlock action's control bindings
  • TeamFoundation Actions - Now removes the working directory part of file/folder paths when adding to the memo box
  • Iterator Actions - fixed bug that caused current value to not be set as an integer
  • FileSet Actions - added help topics
  • If Variable Defined - Fixed action output when Fail if not defined option selected and the variable was defined.
  • Assembly Info Updater - fixed bug when adding new entries
  • Demeanor Action - RegExp excludes were put into the wrong list
  • Fix TLB Project Reference Action - Added more debugging output and failed the action properly when it could not resolve the reference
  • Fix TLB Project Reference Action - Fixed issue with hex values in typelib version numbering
  • MSBuild Action - added note to use Insert key for adding new row
  • NDoc Action - Fixed bug in Documenter options frame, not persisting the values.
  • XML Actions - Forced setting of SelectionLanguage to XPath on all new DOM documents - Updated absolute xpath finder to remove (no longer needed) workaround for index=0 bug on MSXML 3
  • Folder Iterator - Folder iterator now responds to Stop button while searching for folders
  • Text Replace - /m modified is now on by default, and /s modifier is off
  • XCopy Action - Now warns if you try to add a filespec with * in the name
  • Email Action - fixed text and html attachment contenttypes
  • Perforce Actions - only applies double quotes if necessary
  • Perforce Revert - fixed files frame for revert action
  • PVCS List Files - Added redirecting to output file option
  • Source Safe - Fixed processing of trailing /s in project names
  • Source Safe File Status - fixed bug with reporting diff files
  • DTS Run Action - fixed UI bug
  • SQL Server Actions - added support for SQL Server 2005 (SQLCmd.exe)
  • StarTeam Actions - StarTeam passwords are no longer stored in plaintext in the project file
  • Vault Actions - exposed global options to Scripting
  • VisualBasic 6 - Fixed problem with typeblib references where a non default typelib is referenced in a dll
  • VisualBasic 6 - fixed deleting vbp file if quotes were added
  • VisualBasic 6 - Added support for /cmd option
  • MSText - was adding empty arguments to command line
  • Compile VS.NET Action - Fixed weird bug w/ "Any Cpu" vs "AnyCpu"
  • SubVersion - fixed QuickHelp bug

August 18, 2006

FinalBuilder IDE
  • Improved CLR hosting detection, defaults, and error messages
  • Width of colums in the Run Action List action Params grid now saved
  • Live Logging state now defaults to "Remember" and "Off" for new installations
  • Enhanced auto complete for zoom edit dialog
  • Now switches action lists if you right-click on a different tab to the one showing
  • Live logging now faster when the logging is not actually visible
  • Reduced flickering on Running Action Frame
  • ActionInspector inline editor fix when changing fields
  • Extra error handling for ActionInspector inline editor errors
  • Duplicate FileSet and PropertySet objects now prevented
  • Fixed bug causing action list parameters being saved in project file
  • Fixed bug with Project Summaries not showing User, System, or Environment variables
  • Action Info - fixed bug caused by invalid xml character in action comment or other action field
  • Fixed bug with Select All not working correctly
  • Fixed problems with invalid variable renaming from project frame
  • Fixed up parity between searching custom actions and regular actions
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the log frame would be set to scroll to a nonexistent action
  • Fixed bug with prompting user when auto closing IDE after an automated build
  • Now shows multiline package error messages
  • Added custom EOutOfResources global exception handler
  • Added validation when pasting new data
Build Engine
  • Log file speedup (added extra index to log table)
  • Fixed stepping bug with run action list
  • Execute Condition errors are now meaningful
  • Errors in AfterAction scripts now stop the build as failed instead of continuing
  • Better exception handling when an error occurs in an ActionStudio action
  • Fixed race condition bug on multi-CPU systems
  • Fixed error when project file has quotes in the name
Actions - bug fixes and enhancements
  • FileSet Copy - added progress reporting
  • FileSet Define - added variable expansion to FileSet patterns
  • Include Project - project path of included project now logged
  • MSBuild - Now quotes project paths
  • NUnit - added option to fail if no tests run
  • XML Actions - Updated absolute XPath code so it acknowledges MS XML 3 bug
  • Copy/Move Files - better progress reporting
  • Variables Load from file - New "Ignore file not found" option
  • InstallShield - now outputs command line when building media
  • FTP Connect - added connect timeout
  • Java Compiler - Added 1.5 target support
  • Java Compiler - Now quotes directory paths if required
  • Java Compiler - Added "Default" target to not specify -target option
  • Prompt for variables enhanced - added new password type
  • SQL Server Query - added enable/disable of -b "stop on errors" option
  • COM+ Delete all components - fixed bug with multiple deletes
  • IIS5 Create/Delete Application - fixed bug with default Application non-pooled protection levels
  • IIS6 - Fixed WMI service (namespace) requests
  • IIS6 - Fixed security requirements for W2K3 SP1
  • VirtualServer actions - improved error messages
  • VMWare Server - fixed exception handling error messages
  • FileSet Define - fixed bug with expanding Exclude Pattern List names
  • FileSet Define - fixed example patterns
  • FileSet Define - can no longer set "Recursive" on Exclude Patterns
  • MSBuild - Proper exception if FB is not installed
  • MSBuild - Made the version-finding code "version-proof"
  • MSBuild - Variables (ie /V) now works
  • FTP - fixed problem with very large files (32bit integer overflow)
  • C++ Builder - Registered constants with scripting engine
  • C++ Builder - Fixed problem with plus Symbol in Library path, needed double quoting
  • Delphi Project Group Import Wizard - Fixed "black controls"
  • C# Compiler - Compact Framework reference resolution fixes
  • Dotfuscator - Added label to explain grid control
  • TLB Importer - Fixed open dialog filter
  • ADO Execute Stored Procedure - No longer attempts to refresh parameters each time procedure name changes
  • Copy/Move Files - Fixed divide by zero error with files of zero size
  • Text Replace - fixed bug with replace value set from script
  • Variables Load from file - Checkbox no longer wider than containing groupbox
  • Write to text file - fixed bug with saving/loading memo field
  • VSS File Status - Fixed cleanup of temporary file for certain status types
  • VSS Actions - "Get working dir" no longer AVs when an invalid project string is passed to it
  • VSS Actions - Added a default Srcsafe.ini file as loaded from current user's registry
  • VSS Share - Fixed edit button click in property dialog
  • Subversion Actions - exposed global options to scripting
  • Surround Actions - exposed global options to scripting
  • VB6 Compiler - Refactored VB6 compiler so OutputPath and ExeName are now CompleteOutputPath.
  • VisualC 6 - Fixed error when Project/Workspace file cannot be found
  • VS.Net Compilers - Improved parser code and attempted to preserve the defuault 4 space indentation per block
  • Archiver Delete Files - Fixed bug caused by not reading or writing the deleted files list
  • Zip Action - Made valid combinations of store paths/relative paths/recurse more obvious
  • Fixed constants not working with JScript code completion
  • Fixed parameter completion
  • No longer displays unhandled exception for simple errors when applying bindings

May 22, 2006

FinalBuilder IDE and Build engine
  • Removed some variables which were overriding environment variables
  • Updated example projects
  • Field editor dialog - fixed placement of insertion when double-clicking
  • Field editor dialog - Improved autocomplete when working in the middle of a field
  • New paste behaviour & new column resizing behaviour
  • Fixed "drag multiple parents to new action list" bug
  • Fixed help button for custom actions
  • All Custom Options Pages have automatic tab ordering now
  • No more "No action with error status found" errors sometimes
  • Project Global Script - now doesn't prompt if OK pressed
  • Now will focus quickhelp tab if show tip of day selected
  • Now remembers if action types splitter is closed
  • Fixed DEP access violation when running scripts
  • Fixed bug with Save As and persistent variables
  • Save project global script position
New Actions
  • FileSet Delete action
  • FTP Send CMD action
  • Win32 Version info updater action
Actions - bug fixes and enhancements
  • Get File Date action is now Get File/Folder Date
  • COM+ actions - added extra property to not fail if application not found
  • COM+ delete - added delete all components option
  • COM+ actions - new option for "enforce access checks"
  • COM+ Delete - fixed bug deleting when specified by dll
  • IIS5 - Better exception handling when finding parent VDir
  • If Then action - fixed and/or bug
  • If Then Action - changed the way expression evaluation is printed (slightly more intuitive)
  • FileSet Define - Can no longer define multiple filesets w/ same name
  • Armadillo - allow selection of ArmCLine.exe for newer version of armadillo
  • Armadillo - added "File to Protect" option
  • CBuilder 2006 and Delphi 2006 - fixed errors when non-numeric characters in products version info field used
  • Delphi - added extra checking for project file
  • Fix TlbImp Project Reference - fixed lookup logic
  • .NET manage compiler actions - Added KeepResponseFile property to Managed Compiler Actions.
  • .NET manage compiler actions - Added exception handling for loading VS & BDS project files
  • .NET manage compiler actions - Added extra error handling when project file not found.
  • REGASM action - Can now unregister type libraries as well as register them
  • FxCop action - Fixed validation bug
  • NAnt - wasn't expanding variables when setting starting directory
  • ADO Query - fixed bug with fail if 0 records found
  • Edit XML action - Added PreserveWhitespace property
  • File Dependency Action - File Dependency "depend on file" now has an "execute on file not found" option
  • Merge XML Action - multiple-node XML Merge improvement
  • XML Iterator - now detects if an invalid node type is selected and reports a better error message
  • Check for File/Folder - now logs the path of the file/folder
  • Calculate MD5 and Compare Files - moved to different MD5 calculation algorithm which uses less memory and works on very large files
  • Beep Action - Variables now expanded in file paths, Added "File Not Found" error and fixed fixed exception handling
  • FileSet Copy/Move - was not expanding basedirectory field
  • FTP Action - OnFileUploaded script event changes
  • FTP Connect - worked around bug where sometimes can't connect
  • FTP Upload - FTP progress now goes over all files to be uploaded
  • Java Compiler - fix to increase robustness of compiler adapter matching
  • Perforce Options now exposed to scripting
  • PVCS Put - added projectpath
  • PVCS all actions - added run -y or -n so PVCS will not prompt for an answer during a build
  • SQL Server actions - fixed list index out of bounds if no server selected
  • TeamFoundation actions - workaround for bug with null strings coming back from PropertyStores
  • VisualBasic compiler - extra error handling around saving temporary project file
  • Wait For Remote Computer - Added WMI credentials
Action Studio
  • Fixed access violation if trying to delete non-existent row
  • Fixed F1 problem
  • Added CruiseControl.NET
  • Added MSBuild task

March 30, 2006


Microsoft Virtual Server


  • List VMs
  • Start VM
  • Save VM State
  • Turn off VM
  • Reset VM
  • Pause VM
  • Check VM Status

VMWare Virtual Server


  • Check Virtual Machine Status
  • List VMs
  • Start VMs
  • Stop VMs
  • Reset VMs
  • Suspend VMs

VMWare Workstation


  • Revert to snapshot
  • Create snapshop

COM Actions


  • Register
  • Delete
  • Shutdown Application
  • Start Application
  • Edit Application

Fileset Actions


  • Fileset Define
  • Fileset to Variable
  • Fileset log files
  • Fileset Refresh
  • Fileset Copy/Move

FTP Actions


  • FTP Check if connected
  • FTP Wait for file

Version Control Systems


  • TeamCoherence generic action
  • StarTeam generic action
  • Subversion generic action
  • Subversion Info action

Serena PVCS


  • PVCS Get
  • PVCS Put
  • PVCS Add label
  • PVCS Promote
  • PVCS List files

Wait for actions


  • Wait for INI file
  • Wait for Registry
  • Wait for command

Microsoft TeamFoundation Work Items


  • Query work items
  • Create work item
  • Edit work items
  • Copy work items

Scheduled Tasks (uses schtasks.exe)


  • Add Scheduled Task
  • Delete Scheduled Task
  • Run Scheduled Task
  • End Running Scheduled Task

Miscellaneous new actions


  • CodeHealer Source code analysis
  • Araxis Compare Files
  • Araxis Compare Folders
  • Create shortcut to file/folder
  • AutomatedQA TestComplete 4
  • Compare Files
  • Log Variable Values
  • RasDial (connect/disconnect to remote network including VPN)
  • Surround QA Wizard



  • Include Project - can now select to run an action list from the included project
  • If..Then action - now allows multiple terms
  • FTP Upload - new option to allow only updating changed files



  • Undo deletes for actions
  • Filter log by selected action
  • Can now access action list parameters using normal %variable% syntax
  • Added script functions: Sleep, BrowseForFile, BrowseForDirectory
  • Default directory for new projects is now My Documents\FinalBuilder Projects
  • New Drag&Drop: drag actions from one action list to another
  • New Drag&Drop: drag variables from the Project tab to watches tab to add a new watch
  • New Refactoring: Extract actions to new action list
  • New Refactoring: Wrap actions in async action group
  • New Refactoring:  wrap actions with async action group
  • Variables are no longer allowed to have spaces in their names
  • Custom running man animations can now be used (will load customrunner.gif in FinalBuilder directory)

Plus many, many, many more small enhancements and bug fixes.


February 7, 2006

FinalBuilder IDE

  • Build restart was not showing correct state in IDE in some situations
  • Fixed AV if regional setting time separator was not colon
  • Now detects duplicate packages and prevents extras from loading
  • Flow control actions weren't being run when they were direct children of an Async Action Group
  • Project validation now checks for project object/variable namespace clashes
  • Fixed occasional problem with logging caused by included projects
  • ExtractReleaseVer script function now works if build version doesn't exist
  • Fixed default extension for actions with file open dialogs so it works properly with multiple-entry filters (ie *.mds;*.fbp)
  • Fixed problem that prevented password protected projects from being opened
  • Fixed problem with right-clicks on popup menu in IDE propogating through to the action list
  • Prevent creation of a variable "temp" as it will clash with the temp envinronment variable
  • Prevent quotes being used in the log search
  • Fixed av if trying to load a log but none exists
  • Displaying value of variable can cause an av if variable can't be converted to a string
  • Fixed problem with saving user variables in the Project tab
  • Now defaults to adding User type variables if selection is on a user variable in Project tab
  • Can now change FBCMD to IDE when editing in the schedule build wizard
  • Moved 'Properties' to bottom of action list right-click contextual menu
  • Better hints for Stop and Terminate buttons
  • Improved .NET Framework & SDK detection to deal with newer builds of the same sdk version, this should resolve issues with users who had .net 2.0 betas installed and the uninstall has not fully removed the framework folders.
  • Added code completion for option objects constants

FinalBuilder Console (FBCMD)

  • Now reports edition and license on banner

Action Studio

  • File open dialog now uses initial dir of current project, or ActionDefs dir if no current project
  • Tab order for controls is now calculated automatically
  • Fixed line numbers dissapearing in script editor
  • Fixed intermittent access violations in Action Studio actions' ReadActionData scripts


  • Map Network Drive - Removed ambiguous and misbehaving "Save Credentials" option
  • Iterator Actions - fixed some issues with not resetting their state in certain conditions
  • Iterator Actions - added extra reporting to log
  • Iterator Actions - now calls OnFirstRun event before setting internal list
  • Define Variable - now prevents defining a variable which clashes with existing variables
  • Async Action Group - fixed issue with sub lists stopping build
  • Include Project - better recursion detection
  • Include Project - fixed logging when project included more than once
  • Run Action List - action list name is now automatically added to action description
  • Subversion - added documentation to help file
  • Property Set - allow clearing of boolean values
  • Set Variable - Only checks for valid expansions if the "Expand Expression" box is checked
  • Set Variable - No longer prevents you from closing the dialog if there's a problem, just warns you
  • ASProtect - now allows selection of .aspr2 files
  • CVS Options - now exposed to scripting
  • Delphi - better error reporting if wrong Delphi version is chosen
  • Delphi - D2006 options were not working correctly in some places
  • Managed Compiler Actions - Can now specify recursive files only for compilation (no need for a main file name if you don't want one)
  • Managed Compiler Actions - project compilers now show a relevant error message if you try to compile an MSBUILD proj file
  • C# Compiler - C# compiler aciton now reads StartupObject property from .csproj file
  • MSBuild - Project selection dialog now shows.csproj, .vbproj, .vjsproj
  • NDoc - updated for ndoc 1.3.1, and now allows specifying extra documentor properties manually
  • VB.Net Project Compiler - Fixed Namespace parsing for form resource naming. Forms with the same name but in different folders were causing duplicate resource name errors.
  • XML Create Node - Added "Add On New Line" option, Expands attribute names/values properly
  • Get Date/Time - fixed bug with forcing separators
  • List Iterator - Soft (cosmetic) word wrap no longer translates to hard wrapping of lines in list
  • File List - Added "Fail if file not found" option
  • FTP Actions - now displays the connection name in description
  • FTP Actions - now more responsive to being stopped
  • FTP Upload - fixed bug with recursing subdirectories and check size functionality
  • ICQ - added sending SMS functionality
  • JediVCS actions - some fields were not being expanded
  • JediVCS actions - now support exit codes introduced in JediVCS 2.4
  • Perforce Generic - was not redirecting file to stdin correctly
  • Perforce Generic - was not using override server settings during design time
  • VSS Actions - fixed using multiple files, and added parsing of filespec field, ; is the separator.
  • Surround Get - fixed saving getatlabel property
  • TeamFoundation - fixed expanding of working directory & selector properties
  • VS.Net Compiler - fixed unnecessary redraw on checkbox change,  and can now toggle multiple project checkboxes with space bar
  • WISE - added option to select log file path
  • RAR - exposed to scripting

December 15, 2005

FinalBuilder IDE

  • Fixed memory leaks in CodeCompletion engine
  • Fixes for retrying actions under iterators or inside retried try/catch blocks
  • Retrying Try...Catch now works under iterators and is settable via property pages
  • Added the ability to write to ActionList Parameters from script
  • Fixed av when condition failed and running selected actions
  • Fixed AV for DB re-entrance problem under some situations
  • Fixed logging bugs when exporting log during a build and endtime/runtime sometimes 0
  • Allow some flow control actions (eg. If..Then) to be immediate children of Async
  • Fixed problem when a Run Action List action was the last action in the OnFailure action list
  • Fixed problem with stepping into OnFailure Action List
  • Changed FBBrowseForFile behaviour when passed directories (with or without trailing backslash)
  • Zoom Edit (F2) - Cursor now starts at end of memo box, not beginning
  • Fixed ampersand-escaping issue in popup menu in ActionTypes
  • ActionTypes popup menu is now created in alphabetical order
  • QuickHelp - stopped toolbar from floating
  • Clicking on an action in the log now switches to design mode
  • Showing errors in log now doesn't display their child actions
  • The current action list in build running was sometimes incorrect
  • Exporting Log - messages output was outputting even when it's action was not


  • Fixed bug when JScript actions with no common script fail to compile


  • Create ActionStudio Documentation - new action to create documentation automatically from ActionPackages
  • XML Create Node - new action to create a node in an XML file
  • Map Network Drive - fixed property page
  • Iterator Actions - Iterator now only fires script events if they contain script
  • Define Variable - New "expand default before assigning" option
  • PropertySet Define - forces selecting a property set name, and property set must not be blank
  • ClearCase Actions - enhanced property pages for ClearCase UCM
  • XenoCode - updated for XenoCode PostBuild 2006
  • MSBuild - modified file filters
  • XML Actions - fixed problem if selected version of MSXML was not installed
  • Delete Files - Added "log deleted files" option to make troubleshooting easier
  • FTP Disconnect - fixed problem when disconnecting from some FTP servers
  • VSS Undo Checkout - fixed problem with "local file" delete/replace/keep option
  • CD/DVD Burner actions - removed size limitation
  • Wait for remote Computer - Fixed behaviour for finding ping.exe and net.exe directories
  • Wait for remote Computer - Added option to disable pinging a remote host before connecting via WMI
  • Wait for remote Computer - Network share name is no longer case sensitive
  • WMI Actions - Added stop awareness
  • WMI Kill Process - Added new option "Fail if no process is found"
  • Managed Compiler Actions - fixed bug parsing typelibrary entries

December 1, 2005

  • JediVCS - dll was missing from installer
  • Other minor bug fixes

November 30, 2005

  • Initial FinalBuilder 4 release.