Continua CI 1.6 Version History


August 17th, 2015



  • Fix: Error when editing agent concurrent stage limit.
  • Fix: Issue when associating changesets since last build. Old changesets could be linked to the build if there were multiple repositories and at least one was a Git repository.
  • Fix: Git issue with changesets on multiple branches only appearing on one branch.
  • Fix: Null exception when importing from FinalBuilder Server.

Note : You will need to update your agents after installing this build.


August 10th, 2015



  • Fix: NUnit test results were showing the namespace as part of name for multi-part namespaces.
  • Fix: Git: Issue where commits could be lost if they occurred between detection and cache update.
  • Fix: An error was occurring while editing conditions for agents with a lot of properties.
  • Fix: Issue where only one property collector for the same namespace was recognised in expressions.
  • Fix: Updated the database connection builder in the installer to construct connection string correctly when using own PostgreSQL installation.

Note : You will need to update your agents after installing this build.


July 31th, 2015



  • Fix: Subversion: Fixed regression bug causing an error when creating tags.


July 30th, 2015



  • Feature: Added timeout field to FinalBuilder action. You can now change the default 24 hour timeout for running really long projects.
  • Update: Assembly Info Updater action now ignores case when matching existing properties.
  • Fix: Subversion: Error would occur if new branch and branch deletion occurred in a single batch of changesets.
  • Fix: Subversion: Detect branch deletion due to deletion of parent branch.
  • Minor display changes and error trapping.

Note : You will need to update your agents after installing this build.


July 15th, 2015



  • Update: Default changeset association specified for the configuration is now used when quick starting builds.

  • Fix: Update to Git repositories to ensure working folder is properly cleaned of untracked files before commiting to the repository cache.
  • Fix: Issue where a build repository would be ignored if the build was run while the repository was resetting.
  • Fix: The Transform Configuration File action no longer requires that Visual Studio 2010 is installed.
  • Fix: NUnit parser now retrieves correct fixture name for parameterised tests.
  • Fix: NUnit parser no longer fails with very long test names.
  • Fix: Assembly Info Updater action was failing if a property value contained round brackets.
  • Fix: Better recovery from errors occurring while retrieving agent properties.
  • Fix: Issue with ajax updates being cached with some network set ups.
  • Fix: Tooltips were only displayed on the first page of the agent compatibility matrix.

  • Minor display changes and error trapping fixes.

Note : You will need to update your agents after installing this build.


June 19th, 2015



  • Feature: Automatic branch mapping option. Branches in other repositories can now be automatically selected by matching branch name or variable part of branch pattern.
  • Update: Build and Source objects can now be referenced in Agent Requirements expressions. Note that Agent compatibility is labelled "dynamic" when these objects are used in expressions.
  • Update: Build Url is now displayed in Github status updates

  • Fix: Performance issue when multiple changesets were received at once, after a Git rebase for example.
  • Fix: Issue where new Subversion branch would not be detected if branch path is a subfolder of the new folder.
  • Fix: It was possible to start a build before a new associated repository was initialised and ready.
  • Fix: Issue where trigger branch mappings would still be used when option to override branches was not ticked.
  • Fix: Now ensuring that administrators cannot be denied permissions to project or configuration.
  • Fix: Issue where Subversion branch display names would be replaced by full branch path.
  • Fix: Now ensuring that the default variable type is set when creating new variables.

  • Minor display changes.

Note : You will need to update your agents after installing this build.


June 5th, 2015



  • Update: AssemblyInfo Updater action now works with the F# AssemblyInfo file format.
  • Update: Now converting any forward slash characters found in path fields e.g. after expanding variables
  • Fix: Issue where repository branch display name was being set to the branch path. Note that any existing incorrect branch names will be reset only when new changes are detected on each branch or the repository is reset
  • Fix: Issue where values from agent property collectors were not being overridden with edited agent property values
  • Fix: Git - now removing any existing HEAD.lock files before checkout operations.


May 26th, 2015



  • Fix: Regression in - database cleanup error when using SQL Server.


May 25th, 2015



  • Fix: Issue when sending variables with values containing spaces to FinalBuilder action.
  • Fix: Issue with notification emails when using Microsoft Exchange SMTP server with a username which is not an email adddress
  • Fix: Git - now removing any existing index.lock files before checkout operations.
  • Fix: Plastic SCM - prevent locking when reading workspace file.
  • Fix: Issue where multiple build error messages would be logged
  • Fix: Ajax error on welcome page.
  • Fix: Rare race condition in build cache.
  • Fix: Database cleanup error.
  • Fix: Some minor display issues

Note : You will need to update your agents after installing this build.


May 12th, 2015



  • Feature: Added Clear All button to the event log

  • Update: SMTP library now updated to support more services including Office 365
  • Update: Server and Agent property editing changed to ensure default properties cannot be deleted and overridden properties can be reverted to default
  • Update: Branch filter on start new build dialog is now case insensitive
  • Update: Visual Studio action now allows you to specify Build, Rebuild, Clean or Deploy
  • Update: Performance boast for Configuration and Build Changesets views
  • Update: Performance boast for LDAP user and group search against large domains
  • Update: Added property collector for NUnit 2.6.4
  • Update: Added property collectors for MSTest 2013
  • Update: Changed Chocolatey property collectors to support later versions

  • Fix: Git submodules - added force to update command to deal with possible changes in working folder
  • Fix: Git - issue where moved tags could be missed
  • Fix: Git - issue where changesets are not saved until the next commit is received after a server error (e.g. with GitHub)

  • Fix: Subversion - issue with more than one file external per folder
  • Fix: Subversion - allow for quotes in external URLs
  • Fix: Subversion - issue storing externals for repositories with a large number of externals

  • Fix: Plastic SCM - now ensuring that files are cleaned up correctly before switching branches or updating to changeset.
  • Fix: Plastic SCM - issue where branch case is changed

  • Fix: Default Associated Changesets setting is now wired up to queue dialog
  • Fix: Issue where project level repositories were not being removed when cloning configuration to different project.
  • Fix: Issue with Move or Rename file actions where the destination was on a network drive
  • Fix: Installer now validates admin group name correctly
  • Fix: Now dealing with spaces in NUnit and PowerShell file paths
  • Fix: Issue with duplicate environment variables
  • Fix: Issue dealing with executable paths with preceding space
  • Fix: No longer attempting to update agent properties for incompatible agents

  • Fix: Various minor display issues

Note : You will need to update your agents after installing this build.


April 9th, 2015



  • Fix: Regression with FinalBuilder 7 logging and setting variables.


April 8th, 2015



  • Fix: Check for updates ajax error on new install.
  • Fix: Added missing .NET framework default property collectors.
  • Feature: .NET property collectors can now distinguish between .net 4.x versions.
  • Feature: Added property collector for Delphi XE8.
  • Feature: Added support for FinalBuilder 8 Targets.


March 31st, 2015



  • Update: Now ordering Git changesets in topological rather than date order
  • Feature: Continua now checks for updates (Note that you won't see this until the next update is released)
  • Update: Changes to Subversion branch pattern now requires a repository reset
  • Fix: Subversion branch validation was inverting the "match branch top level folder only" option
  • Fix: Permissions error on configuration reports page
  • Fix: Issue where agent properties would not get updated
  • Fix: No longer repeatedly logging repository files which were already copied to workspace
  • Fix: Any credentials in Git repository URL are now encoded to allow characters such as ? and &
  • Fix: Issue with variable prompts when cloning configurations
  • Fix: Ensure Git other refs do not trigger builds on repository reset
  • Fix: Git changeset error message was not displaying resolve link correctly
  • Fix: Variables in project and configuration wizards are now sorted by name
  • Fix: Concurrency issue with more than one Subversion repository with same URL and different branch patterns
  • Fix: Ensure that Git fetch results are not lost if an error occurs
  • Fix: Ensure unrelated Mercurial errors (e.g. missing extensions) are ignored
  • Fix: Allow for space in Mercurial tag name
  • Fix: Ensure that masked variables are not output in diagnostics report
  • Fix: Ensure agent compatibility matrix gets updated when new configuration is added
  • Fix: Unicode characters are now displayed correctly in log for file system repositories
  • Fix: Links on administrator project page were not working after paging
  • Fix: Default branch is now always listed in branch selection even if older than maximum age
  • Fix: Minor styling and display issues

v1.6.0.73 release candidate

March 5th, 2015



  • Fix: Database migration error on SQL server
  • Fix: Missing variable prompt migration

v1.6.0.72 release candidate

March 4th, 2015


  • Update: Password variables are now set as sensitive by default
  • Update: NuGet actions now have new "Log standard output" option. Switch this off to suppress log messages from NuGet
  • Update: Renamed the Web.Config Transform action to Transform Configuration File to reflect its more generic use
  • Update: Better error handling in Create Zip action
  • Fix: Messages were stuck in email and XMPP queues
  • Fix: Issue where new repositories did not get assigned to configurations
  • Fix: Infinite loop when monitoring branches for Subversion repositories with no branches
  • Fix: JavaScript bug with expression suggestions
  • Fix: Minor UI text changes

Note : You will need to update your agents after installing this build.

v1.6.0.66 release candidate

February 27th, 2015



  • Fix: Issue parsing TFS changes with newlines in comments
  • Fix: Better handling of unicode characters in TFS changesets.
  • Fix: Issue where repository could not be promoted to global scope in project wizard.

v1.6.0.64 release candidate

February 26th, 2015



  • Fix: Timing issue where latest changeset would sometimes not be picked up with manual builds
  • Fix: Issue where it was possible to get incorrect changeset files with TFS repositories.
  • Fix: Validation issues when using FinalBuilder Server import tool.
  • Update: Improvement to build initialisation time by removing requirement for lock when checking repository cache.
  • Update: Improvements to performance when getting files with TFS repositories.
  • Update: Minor improvements to repository cache locking
  • Update: Minor UI changes

Note : You will need to update your agents after installing this build.

v1.6.0.54 beta

February 20th, 2015



  • Update: Added buttons to Queue Options dialog to load mappings associated with any branch.
  • Update: Added repository name to top of Configuration Repository Branch Mapping dialog
  • Fix: Issue causing wrong configuration permissions be cached
  • Fix: Allow removal of default repository branch from configuration
  • Fix: Issue where no branch would be listed in branch selection list for single branch repositories
  • Fix: Time triggers now use default configuration repository branches
  • Update: Minor UI changes

v1.6.0.43 beta

February 17th, 2015



  • Fix: Database migration issue on startup with v1.6.0.42.

v1.6.0.42 beta

February 16th, 2015

New Version 1.6 Features

  • Configuration Repository Branch Mappings
    A new Mappings dialog for branch-aware repositories on the Repositories step of the Configuration Wizard.
    • This allows you to specify the default branches when starting a build for a configuration.
    • It also allows you to define branch mappings for triggers. These can be used to specify the branch to build in other repositories for each triggering branch.
  • Improvements to Branch Suggestion List
    • Deleted or closed branches (depending on repository type) are no longer shown in list
    • Maximum active branch age can now be specified for branch-aware repositories. Branches with commits or builds older than the specified number of days will be hidden from Start Build and Trigger dialogs.
    • Inactive branches in Mercurial repositories can also be optionally hidden from list.
    • List is now more responsive to live branch changes
    • List is now filtered on any character in branch name instead of start characters
    • List is now sorted in natural language order rather than alphabetically e.g. branch9 now comes before branch10
  • Overhaul of LDAP Synchronisation
    • Major improvements to speed and performance of LDAP synchronisation.
    • Groups container is no longer required for larger domains (although it can still be used if required).
    • The LDAP user and group selection lists on the administration pages now use as-you-type filtering
    • The user welcome page is now displayed to allow unregistered members of linked LDAP groups to provide registration details. You no longer need to add each user to Continua!
  • Long File Path Support
    • All file accesses within Continua now support paths with more than 260 characters - this includes the Mercurial repository cache. Note however that some external tools used by actions may not support long paths.
  • Sensitive Variables
    • Variables can now be marked as sensitive. This means that its value will be masked with asterisks whenever logged to the build log or event log
  • Additional Improvements
    • Changes on repositories section of configuration wizard are now saved immediately
    • Added new Load All button to build log
    • Enabled refresh of environment variables to ensure that each stage always uses the latest values when running actions
    • The name of the user who promoted a stage is now displayed for any promoted stage on the build view
    • Registry key property collector can now be use to extract default value
    • Minor improvements to repository cache when using Git
    • Updated bundled Mercurial (used for repository cache) to version 3.3

Note : You will need to update your agents after upgrading the server to this build.