Continua CI 1.9.1 Version History


September 18th, 2019


  • Breaking change: All variable types (not just expression variables) are now escaped when passed to the FinalBuilder command line. This includes splitting array variables into lines and masking protected variables as required.

  • Update: A new "Log File Location" option has been added to FinalBuilder action. This allows you to override the default setting, where the log is written to a temporary folder, to write the log to the working folder where it can be retained via workspace rules and artifact rules for subsequent viewing.
  • Update: Changeset accumulation is now started as soon as a build is created and continues until all conditions are met, if Accumulate Changes is set on any configuration condition.
  • Update: The quiet period waiting period is now written to the build timeline.

  • Fix: Regression bug in where Server.HostUrl server property could be reset to localhost on service start up.
  • Fix: The 'Only notify users who caused the build' option on repository triggers now includes group subscriptions when matching the changeset user with subscriptions. Previously it only included user subscriptions.
  • Fix: Any action state is now reset before executing. This fixes issues with expressions in some fields being cached for XUnit, Mocha, File Transfer, Docker and some Azure actions when running under an iterative action (e.g. For Each, While).
  • Fix: The report count on the build page incorrectly included archived reports.
  • Fix: Possible deadlock when debug logging is enabled.

  • Some minor text updates.
  • Some third party package updates.

Note : You will need to update your agents after upgrading the server to this build.


September 9th, 2019


  • Feature: New python actions:
  • Enhancement: PowerShell action updated to support version PowerShell Core versions 6 and 7.
  • Enhancement: 'Wait for completion' option added to PowerShell action.

  • Enhancement: Added new 'Process.OutputEncoding' and 'Process.OutputCodePage' agent properties which can be used to control the default output encoding when running command line processes on each agent.
  • Enhancement: Added new Process Output Encoding properties (`Encoding Name` and `Code Page`) to the Environment tab of all actions which run a command line. This can be used to override the default output encoding for each action.

  • Enhancement: New default error message patterns to match errors in output from DotNet Build, Publish, Test and Run actions.
  • Enhancement: Added list of Latest Warnings to build log after action output.
  • Enhancement: The output from actions that run a command line process is now wrapped in a "Output" message group in the build log. This is for easier access to Latest Errors and Latest Warnings.

  • Enhancement: Git repositories now allow a blank username. This is required when using a personal access token as the password for some services such as TFS/DevOps.
  • Enhancement: Dotnet Build, Pack, Publish, Restore and Test actions now allow a solution file to be entered for the project path.
  • Enhancement: The 'Browse' button on file input boxes in action settings now lists files from the head of the default branch rather than the tip changeset for each repository.

  • Fix: The list of latest errors messages shown in build log after action output did not include errors picked up using error message patterns.
  • Fix: The build variable value is now used rather then the default configuration variable when expanding the Report Filename field.
  • Fix: The poll url for manual repositories changed to ignore any id sent in the post request content. Previously a id sent by TFS web hook would override the id in the URL.
  • Fix: Correction to default for Maximum Environment Variable Length field on MSBuild action.

  • Upgraded bundled PostgreSQL service to version 9.6.15.
  • Some minor UI updates.
  • Some third party package updates.

Note : You will need to update your agents after upgrading the server to this build.


August 22nd, 2019


  • Feature: Triggers now include User filtering settings allowing inclusion or exclusion of changesets with usernames matching specified patterns.
  • Enhancement: New template editor with syntax highlighting.
  • Enhancement: New reset buttons on template editor to reload saved template.
  • Enhancement: Templates are now validated on save.
  • Enhancement: You can now click on items in the available variables tree to insert a variable name into the template editor.
  • Enhancement: Added a variable dictionary to build notification templates allowing direct access to variables by name {{Variable.VariableName}}. Note that the variable must be scoped so that it is available to all builds which use a notification template.
  • Enhancement: Application variables (in addition to configuration and project variables) can now be updated by triggers.
  • Enhancement: Changes to the stage promotion timeout are now applied retrospectively to existing builds which are waiting for promotion. Note that this a possible breaking change if you have stages waiting for promotion and the timeout has been changed since those builds were run.
  • Enhancement: The project names on the Projects page in the Administration section now link to the project view.
  • Enhancement: Minor improvement to build log performance.
  • Fix: Backslashes can now be escaped in quoted functions parameter. This is to handle issue where an end quote was unintentionally escaped by a preceding backslash. e.g. $Utils.GetString("Folder\\\\SubFolder").Replace("\\\\","\\")$. Note that this a possible breaking change as all backslashes in function parameters now need to be escaped.
  • Fix: Timing issue affecting the operation of the "Skip commits previously built for this configuration" trigger option.
  • Fix: Error with Subversion repository when upgrading from an earlier version where the "Host mismatch" trust invalid certificates option was selected.
  • Fix: Javascript error loading subscription with no source (where a project or configuration has been deleted).
  • Fix: Installers now handle a domain specified as a dot (for local users).
  • Upgrade: Updated some third party packages.
  • Some minor UI updates

Note : You will need to update your agents after upgrading the server to this build.


August 1st, 2019


  • Fix: Changes to property collectors were reverted to default on service startup.


July 31st, 2019


  • Fix: Error about missing NuGet.Core assembly when running NetCore property collector on fresh installation.
  • Fix: Changed internal implementation of repository rule patterns to avoid third-party limitation on number of rules.
  • Feature: Added ‘pinBuild’, ‘unPinBuild’, ‘tagBuild’ and ‘removeBuildTag’ message types for use with custom log messages.
  • Feature: Added proxy settings to Git repositories.
  • Enhancement: Added maximum length validation to stage workspace, repository and artifact rules text areas.
  • Enhancement: Minor UI tweaks.
  • Upgrade: Bundled Mercurial command line used for repository caches upgraded to version 5.0.2.
  • Upgrade: Updated some minor third party packages.

Note : You will need to update your agents after upgrading the server to this build.


July 23rd, 2019


  • Fix: Build would not start if a custom path was used for an action installer (e.g. NuGet for XUnit action, or NPM for Grunt action).
  • Fix: Double $ and % characters in literal parameter values for expression functions are now unescaped before evaluating. e.g. $Utils.GetString("$$999").Replace("$$", "£")$.
  • Enhancement: Updated forms to ensure that browser auto-fill does not interfere with suggestion list on password fields in 'show password' mode.
  • Enhancement: Updated forms to prevent browsers from attempting to auto-fill non-username fields with usernames.
  • Enhancement: Unit test messages are now displayed as HTML and stack trace is not displayed if it is the same as the message.
  • Feature: Added a 'For Each Directory' action which can be use to run child actions on a list of directories matching a set of patterns.
  • Enhancement: Improvements to argument masking in build log.
  • Enhancement: Additional error handling and messages.
  • Upgrade: Updated some third party packages including the PostgreSQL data provider.

Note : You will need to update your agents after upgrading the server to this build.


July 2nd, 2019


  • Update: Iterable actions, e.g. (For Each, For Each File and While), now include an option to write the value of the current item to the build log. This option is enabled for new actions by default.
  • Update: Notifications and build event handler expressions now have access to the last fifty build log messages, and all error and warning messages. The expressions $Build.TailLogMessages$ and $Build.ErrorAndWarningLogMessages$ can be used in build event handlers, and the variables TailLogMessages and ErrorAndWarningLogMessages can be used in Build Discarded, Build Error, Build Failed, Build Fixed, Build Stopped, Build Success, Build Promoted To Next Stage, Build Awaiting Stage Promotion and Build Stage Promotion Cancelled notification templates.
  • Update: The installer now automatically grants the service user full control of the service configuration file. This is required for storing unique encryption keys on first run.
  • Fix: It was possible for an LDAP user to log in without being a member of any linked group. Note however that the user would not have had access to view or modify any projects, configurations or settings.
  • Fix: A newly started agent can no longer start a build before property collection is complete.
  • Fix: The NuGet actions were not showing the correct settings according to the version that was selected.
  • Fix: Failure to set a variable in iterable actions is now caught correctly by Try andCatch actions.
  • Fix: Running stage blocks were sometimes displayed vertically on the configuration activity view.
  • Update: Minor UI fixes.

Note : You will need to update your agents after upgrading the server to this build.


June 20th, 2019


  • Fix: Json encoding error when editing notification templates.
  • Fix: Default MSBuild property collector for MSBuild 6.0 was set to version 5.0.
  • Fix: Stage previous duration was not always calculated causing incorrect display of stage progress bar.
  • Fix: Cached user details were not being invalidated when updating user preferences.
  • Update: Added filtering the Server Properties, Agent Properties and Property Collectors pages in the Administration section.
  • Update: Added link button to export build history as XML.
  • Update: Third party packages upgraded.
  • Update: Minor UI fixes.

Note : You will need to update your agents after upgrading the server to this build.

v1.9.1.191 Release Candidate

June 12th, 2019


  • Fix: Reverted breaking change where $Source.RepoName.BuiltChangeset.Id$ was no longer the same as $Source.RepoName.BuiltChangeset.RepositoryChangeId$.
  • Update: Added Plan and Resource Group parameters to Azure Upload Web App action.
  • Update: Variables can now be extracted from the output of the Azure Upload Web App action.
  • Update: All the NuGet actions have been updated to support all the latest command line options.
  • Update: We have added a new Nuget Sign action.
  • Update: PostgreSQL has been upgraded to version 9.6.13. Note that the PGAdmin 3 tool is no longer installed. We recommend downloading PGAdmin 4 for accessing the database. PGAdmin 4 has now improved significantly since the first edition.
  • Update: Third party packages, including data access components and emailer, upgraded.
  • All updates and fixes added to v1.9.0.451 are included in this release.

Note : You will need to update your agents after upgrading the server to this build.

v1.9.1.169 Beta

April 30th, 2019

Note on Betas: Beta versions include significant changes which are still undergoing final testing before an official release. While we don't anticipate any issues running our beta versions, they have only been tested in our environment and there may be bugs that we have not yet discovered. We therefore recommend that you install a beta version on a staging server to test that it will not cause you any problems, or wait until an official release, before installing to a production server.

Should you encounter any bugs or other issues with a Beta version, please contact us via

Note: You will need to update your agents after upgrading the server to this version.

New Version 1.9.1 Features

Enhanced Expressions Engine

We have made substantial improvements to the expressions engine including function return types, chaining of functions, nesting functions as function parameters, selection and filtering of collections and many improvements to expression parsing. We have also added several new expression objects and functions.

Stage Editor Changes

The action list has been redesigned to allow more actions and categories. Stage icons now expand to fit the text content.

New Premium Deployment Actions

We have added a set of premium actions which can be used for deploying the results of your build. These actions provide support for Docker, Azure, SQL packages, File Transfer and SSH. Note that these actions can only be used if you have purchased one or more concurrent build licenses.

Other Actions

We have added an Extent Reports action and updated the ReportGenerator action to include all the latest commands. We have also included a Rename Directory action

Automatic Reporting

We have added a new option to some actions (FinalBuilder, ReportGenerator and the new Extent Reports action) to automatically register generated reports with the server.

This version also builds upon all the fixes and improvements in version 1.9. Any further bug fixes and improvements on version 1.9 will be merged into version 1.9.1

See Introducing Continua CI Version 1.9.1 Beta for further details on the new features.