Continua CI 1.9.1 Version History

v1.9.1.170 Beta

May 1st, 2019


Note on Betas: Beta versions include significant changes which are still undergoing final testing before an official release. While we don't anticipate any issues running our beta versions, they have only been tested in our environment and there may be bugs that we have not yet discovered. We therefore recommend that you install a beta version on a staging server to test that it will not cause you any problems, or wait until an official release, before installing to a production server.

Should you encounter any bugs or other issues with a Beta version, please contact us via

Note: You will need to update your agents after upgrading the server to this version.

New Version 1.9.1 Features

Enhanced Expressions Engine

We have made substantial improvements to the expressions engine including function return types, chaining of functions, nesting functions as function parameters, selection and filtering of collections and many improvements to expression parsing. We have also added several new expression objects and functions.

Stage Editor Changes

The action list has been redesigned to allow more actions and categories. Stage icons now expand to fit the text content.

New Premium Deployment Actions

We have added a set of premium actions which can be used for deploying the results of your build. These actions provide support for Docker, Azure, SQL packages, File Transfer and SSH. Note that these actions can only be used if you have purchased one or more concurrent build licenses.

Other Actions

We have added an Extent Reports action and updated the ReportGenerator action to include all the latest commands. We have also included a Rename Directory action

Automatic Reporting

We have added a new option to some actions (FinalBuilder, ReportGenerator and the new Extent Reports action) to automatically register generated reports with the server.

This version also builds upon all the fixes and improvements in version 1.9. Any further bug fixes and improvements on version 1.9 will be merged into version 1.9.1

See Introducing Continua CI Version 1.9.1 Beta for further details on the new features.