Automise 2 Version History

January 14th, 2009 -

  • Bug - Action would fail if a parameter without a name as specified
  • Bug - ADO Iterator - Values returnerd as null no longer cause an exception
  • Bug - Enhanced Prompt for Variables - When maximised dialog sized will be calculated on the current monitors resolution, not the primaries.
  • Bug - Fixed bug that script in iterator actions would cause AV
  • Bug - Fixed bug where cvs list items with spaces would not be found
  • Bug - SQL Execute Query - Setting a query timeout now sets a query timeout rather then a login timeout
  • Bug - WMI Defrag Action - Now fails properly
  • Bug - Fixed bug in create project summary - some actions weren't being outputted.
  • Feature - Added ability to get control's caption using the Wait for Window or Control
  • Feature - Added ability to recursively apply permissions to child objects
  • Feature - Added support for setting focus on found window or control
  • Feature - Windows Security - Added ability to remove all existing inherited permisions