Share the Workload

Utilise Your Network

Why should all your builds run a single machine? With Continua CI, run your builds efficiently by running them on multiple machines simultaneously.

By installing Continua CI Agents on additional machines within your network, you can spread the build load meaning your developers spend less time waiting for a build to complete.

How Agents Work

When you run a stage in a build, Continua CI determines the best Agent to run that stage. Continua CI will never send a stage to an Agent that cannot complete every action included in that stage.

Once an Agent has been chosen to run a stage, all required files and source code are transferred to the Agent from Continua CI's main server. This guarantees that every time an Agent runs a build, it has the very latest source code and source files.

Concurrent Builds

Agents eliminate build queue times by implementing concurrent builds across multiple machines. If a build stage is ready to be processed, it is sent to the best available Agent.

Continua CI is designed to scale with your business. As your business grows, setup additional Agents to handle the increase in builds. Our price plans are designed to reflect this. If your builds are queueing too frequently then install another Agent and add an additional concurrent build to your license.

Pricing scales with your build load, not the number of Agents.