Set Who Can Do What

Users, Groups and Roles

Control who can do what. Continua CI includes a complete security ecosystem that includes support for users, groups, permissions and roles.

Every action in Continua CI has permissions associated with it which can be linked to a user or group of users through roles.

Continua CI also includes a default 'guest' user which allows you to set what 'guests' should be able to see and do. This means you set the security for anyone without a logon.

LDAP and Active Directory Support

Continua CI works as part of your domain and includes LDAP and Active Directory support. This means your users don't need to juggle yet another username and password, but rather their credentials are passed through Windows authentication.

Continua CI not only supports Active Directory users but also Active Directory groups. This means you can assign roles to your existing Active Directory user groups and if anything changes in your windows environment, the changes will be rolled through to Continua CI.

LDAP and standard Continua CI authentication can be used in unison. This allows the majority of your users to connect via Active Directory while special cases can login and still have their own permissions.

Fine Grain Control

Control your security the way you want. Continua CI's unique application, project and configuration structure gives you complete control over what users can see or do.

Apply a site wide security policy and override it for sensitive builds. If only tech leads should edit a production build, then apply specific security to that build.

Continua CI's security is a breeze to configure and scales with your business.