Build Notifications

Keep Up to Date with Your Builds

Know the instant a build fails. Continua CI supports notifications for most build events, keeping your developer team completely up to date with the latest build's progress.

Notifications can pushed for any number of events, including build failed or build completed. This also extends to system errors and can also be applied to specific configurations and projects.

Receive Notifications Your Way

Continua CI integrates with your existing communication tools to keep your developers up to date. Notifications can be published in the following ways:

  • Email
  • XMPP or Instant Messaging. XMPP notifications will appear as messages within your IM, such as Jabber or Pidgin.
  • Private Messages. These notifications appear within the Continua CI interface to notify your developers of any build issues.

Each developer can be configured differently so they can stay up to date in the way that suits them best.

Customise Your Notifications

Configure all your notifications to match your business. All email and XMPP notifications are 100% modifiable through templates.

You can change what information is shown and how it is presented, through the Continua CI GUI. All build attributes and statistics can be added to the template using Continua CI's template editor.