Internet Actions

Online Communication

Automise includes a number of Internet Actions for communicating via online mediums and interacting with web servers via HTTP, FTP and HTTPS.

  • The Send Email (smtp) action supports sending email to multiple recipients, in plain or html formatted messages and with or without attachments;
  • The MSN Message Action to send messages to MSN contacts;
  • The ICQ Message Action for sending to a specific ICQ Number; and
  • The NNTP News Post action supports posting to multiple groups, attachments and & plain or html formatted messages.

Automate Downloads and Uploads

Automise can automatically monitor websites or download files from web pages via HTTP using the “HHTP Get File” action or via HTTPS and FTP using the “WGet Download” action. Deployment of files to web servers can easily be automated using the FTP Client actions. The screen shot on the right shows the properties dialogue for configuring the automatic uploading of files to a web server.