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Database error on first run (12)
Problems after migrating ContinuaCI to another Server (and PostgreSQL-Server) (2)
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Unable to check git repo after updating to (9)
Folder as Artefact / Zip Folder/Directory (2)
Agent v1.9.0.369 reporting as v1.9.0.337 to server (5) dotnet test 'Logger' doesn't do anything (3)
Crash starting build after service restart ( 2 ) (35)
After updating git to 2.20.1, Tag Repository Changeset event handler fails (3)
PropertyCollector "Path Access Plugin" with system-environment-variable broken (3)
Renaming a folder of a git repository will screw Continua's Repo management (2)
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Empty checkout from Subversion (2)
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Code completion broken with Chrome (3)
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Changesets since last successful builds (4)
Messaging subsystem broken? (4)
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E-Mail notification is sent to one recipient only (3)
After upgrade to administrator account can not manage server (3)
Continua CI service error (4)
Tags not listed on view Changes (3) The expression '$Agent.VSTest.Console.2017.Path$' exists evaluated False (3)
Getting latest changesets stuck on "Saving changesets" status (2)
MSBuild fails: Environment variable too long (5)
Expression does not get expanded in Queuing Dialog (5)