Wrong TAB after managing configurations


after i exported some configurations i went on with “manage configurations”, deleted some old items and went back with the browser “backward” button. Then i clicked “Back”, but instead of setting the [Configurations] TAB as the active one, the TAB “related variables” becomes active.

Hi Thomas,

This appears to be the intended behaviour.

If you click the Back button on the File Details step of the Export Wizard, then you should be directed to the last completed step of the wizard. If no shared resources are associated with the selected configurations, then this would be the Related Variables step.

If you click Reset, then you will be directed to the first “Configurations” step.

Hi Dave,

this is true for some parts of the story.

After exporting on [Run Export] i click [Manage Configurations], then the browser’s back arrow (Alt+Left). Now i am on TAB [File Details] rather than [Run Export]. It is true, that i can use [Reset] to get the desired functionality. However, this process is misleading and got me to the wrong context. If the browser would have gone back to [Run Export] the only meaningful action is [Export More Configurations], which would have given me the right direction in the first place.

Hi Thomas,

The reason browser’s back button does not navigate to the Run Export page, is because this would initiate another export. We, therefore, skip this page and redirect to the step before this. We feel that this is what many users would expect. This allows you to change options, or go back and change selections, before running another export.