Trigger configuration only if multiple different configurations finished successfully

Hi Guys,
I’d like to trigger a configuration to run only if X other configurations finished running successfully beforehand.
Is this possible?

Ok found the solution for this, if you have a better one let me know!

  • Hold a global variable %WeeklyBuildsCount% set to 0

  • Have each of the Weekly configurations increase this variable by 1 using a “Persist Build Variable” type event handler per each configuration.

  • Have configuration “Full environment test automation” have 5 triggers
    Each trigger should fire when the specific weekly configuration finishes running successfully
    but also have a trigger condition to fires only when %WeeklyBuildsCount% equals 5.
    (This way all first 4 triggers will not fire, but the 5th will)

  • This final “Full environment test automation” configuration resets %WeeklyBuildsCount% to 0 using a “Persist Build Variable” type event handler.

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