Run stages simultaneously

Hi guys,

is there a way to run two stages at the same time? Our build process has a release build stage and a stage for unit testing including a debug build. As both stages are run by different agents I’d like them to run simultaneously to save time. The next stage should start if both stages completed succesfully or were skipped. Is this possible?


Kay Zumbusch

Hi Kay,

Not at the moment. It’s on our to-do list, but it’s quite a large piece of work so we can’t provide any timescales. 

Has anything been done in that matter ?
Parallel stages would be a cool feature.

Hi Michal,

Not yet, unfortunately. There’s currently a few items of work on our to-do list which have a higher priority.

A different approach could be that build starts other builds and waits for them to end.
Similar to current triggers, but with one build that gathers status from “sub” builds.

I suggested a similar solution to a different requirement we used to have:

It worked very well.