Server.Banner.RestrictToGroups doesn't restrict to groups

While looking for something else, under server properties I’ve noticed there are some banner related settings, so I’ve played around with them a little because having a banner for messages was something we wanted, so I was very happy to see these properties there :smiley:

Anyway, As I was testing the banner, I didn’t want to disturb users with my tests,
So I figured i’d try Server.Banner.RestrictToGroups
I’ve created a “TesterGroup” Security Group and added only “tester” user to it.
I’ve set Server.Banner.RestrictToGroups to “TesterGroup” and saw the banner.
The thing is - my personal admin user also “saw” the banner although it isn’t a member of “TesterGroup”
And so did other users in our company.

Continua CI
The values for the relvant properties were:
Server.Banner.Content - some plain text content
Server.Banner.ExcludeGroups -
Server.Banner.IsDismissible - False
Server.Banner.IsEnabled - True
Server.Banner.MessageType - Information
Server.Banner.RestrictToGroups - TesterGroup
Server.Banner.ShowIcon - True

Wondering if I missed anything, or if this is a bug with the banner features?

Hi Arik,

Thanks for reporting this. There is an issue with the caching of banner settings not being set per user, which is likely to be causing the issue you are seeing. We have implemented a fix for this which will be in the next version.

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This has now been fixed in v1.9.2.895

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