Search function for build reports

Back in FinalBuilder Server, We could have used search under the dynamic log of every build.

Could you guys possibly implement a search functionality in the Build–>Report page, so that we may search the FinalBuilder html log that is registered in Continua CI as a report?

In our case these html logs / reports - contain thousands and thousands of lines, and it is very helpful to be able to type and filter lines in the report by context.


The reports are loaded in an iframe, so there’s probably nothing we can do in Continua CI for that. It is possible to add some javascript to the xsl stylesheet that FinalBuilder uses to generate the file, however I’m loath to do that as a default.

We are working on improving the logging from FinalBuilder into Continua, and then we’ll eventually provide searching in the Continua log (it’s complicated, due to the log not always being fully loaded).

I’ve been working today on improvements to FinalBuilder’s log output so that the Continua team have enough info - I can’t provide an eta at this time.

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Hi @ktopaz,

FinalBuilder reports now include a search facility.

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