FinalBuilder 8's "Continua - CI - Set variable" action - no longer accepts underscores in variable names (during validation)


We’ve upgraded FinalBuilder to so we could check the new search capabilities in the html report.
Alas we find that in 2694 we get some validation errors that we did not / do not see in 2629:
Specifically validation errors that complain variable names in “Continua - CI - Set variable” actions - “The variable name must contain only alphanumeric characters without spaces”
These validation errors occur for actions with variables that have underscore in their name.

These were ok in so we downgraded for now, as we do have Continua CI variables WITH underscore in the variable name, that we would like to set from within FinalBuilder 8.

An oversight on our part, we’ll get a new build out tomorrow with the fix.

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Build 2701 has the fix for this.

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