Running Builds Count is misleading


the count value shown for icon “Running Builds” on the top panel “All Projects” can be misleading. If a build is running for a configuration, which is hidden by the user, the count will not reflect this state. My expectation is different. Regardless of the visible state of configurations, i expect the running build count to show the absolute number of running builds. We use the build count as an indicator for activities on the build server.

When installing Continua updates, we notify users by mail and check the running build count is zero, before installing the update. Today it happened, that a long running build got stopped, when we installed the latest update. After some research we realized that our monitoring of the build count did give us unexpected results. The issue was indeed, that i had that configuration hidden, which was running the build. The UI should make clear, that this is actually the count of the visible configurations.

However, in my opinion, i want the UI to show the count of running builds, regardless of the visibility to the user. This also makes more sense to me, as the icon count for the “available concurrent build licences” shows the absolute count for the build server.


Hi Thomas,

We agree that this is misleading and have now updated the code so that both running and queued count indicators show the count of all builds (regardless of whether they are hidden or not otherwise viewable by the current user due to permissions). If the viewable build count is different, then this will shown in a tooltip on hovering over the indicator.

This will be available in the next version.

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Excellent, thanks a lot Dave :slight_smile:

Released with Continua CI -

Works fine. Thanks a lot.