Revisited: MS SQL Server, RCSI and Continua database


This is a revisit of a previous issue we had. See this post for reference:

Having installed Continua v1.9.2.1067 only a few days ago, our DB Administrator is reporting the same issue we had before.

Same story as before: they have an open (and sleeping) transaction where they keep doing some update/insert and never close it. Tempdb will fill and prod will die eventually.

You can send them this code:

(@p0 nvarchar(128),@p1 nvarchar(128))select serverprop0_.Id as id1_18_, serverprop0_.Namespace as namespace2_18_, serverprop0_.Name as name3_18_, serverprop0_.Value as value4_18_, serverprop0_.CollectedValue as collectedvalue5_18_, serverprop0_.ElementType as elementtype6_18_, serverprop0_.IsUserSupplied as isusersupplied7_18_, serverprop0_.ReadOnly as readonly8_18_, serverprop0_.Description as description9_18_, serverprop0_.CollectorId as collectorid10_18_ from core_serverproperty serverprop0_ where serverprop0_.Namespace=@p0 and serverprop0_.Name=@p1 ORDER BY CURRENT_TIMESTAMP OFFSET 0 ROWS FETCH FIRST 1 ROWS ONLY

He also comments:

…also as before, RCS is turned off for their DB until fixed by them. Unless we get blocking with builds, maybe we just keep it off.

Can you please look into this?

Bruce Palmer

Hi Bruce,

Unfortunately, we are not seeing any stuck transactions on our test SQL Server installation of Continua CI, so to help us diagnose the cause of this issue, can you let us know which version you upgraded from?

Hi Dave,

Previous version was Before that was

Hi Bruce,

We can’t see any changes since v1.9.2.1056 which could have caused this issue. Is there any further information in the database logs on which update/insert transaction was not being committed?

Hi Dave,

Unfortunately our DB Admin has no further information he can give me.

Hi Bruce,

Although we have not managed to reproduce the issue that you are seeing, we have identified one area in the code where it is possible for a database session to cross threads. We have patched this code and you can download an update using the following links.

Please let us know if you see further uncommitted transactions after installing this version.

Hi Dave,

Thanks for that. I’ve installed v1.9.2.1083 this morning. We’ll let you know how it goes.

I’m about to go on leave for a few weeks, so you may not hear back straight away.


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