Re-Queue failed stage?

Is it possible to re-queue a failed stage? For example, we have a CI configuration set up that has one stage to build an app, a second stage to run API tests/Unit tests, then a third stage to deploy the app. When the first two succeed but the third fails (and the first takes 30+ min to run) we’d like to just requeue the deploy stage.

Hi Andy,

This is not possible at the moment but is on our to-do list - it is a feature that we could use ourselves.

This would be very useful. I made a mistake configuring a stage - at the end of a long config - and now need to rerun the whole config job (about 25 mins worth)

Yes, it’s still on our (long) to-do list.

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I think it is there, I downloaded the latest version, and I’m sure I saw a prompt (although this time the first stage was failing so I had no need to try it)

Hi David,

Yes, requeuing stages is a new feature of v1.9.2 which is currently a release candidate.

Yay :slight_smile: :grinning:

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