Quiet Interval on trigger for git repository builds only latest build

Hi VSoft,

I have a git repository and a configuration which triggeres on new commits. I have set the ‘Quiet Interval’ for this trigger to ‘0’. And now my expectation is now that every commit to my git repository should trigger one build.
But there is the problem. When I upload (push) more than one commit continua recognizes only the latest commit and triggers only one build which is associated with the last commit.

Hi Albrecht,

I just did a quick test, with two commits pushed to a git repository and my trigger with a quiet period of 0 ran two separate builds.

Is it possible that the two commits have the same commit hash but are on different branches. e.g. after a merge? There are two settings on the Branch tab of the trigger dialog: Skip commits previously built for this configuration and Skip commits previously built by this trigger. Maybe one of these is checked?

Otherwise, can you provide further details of your trigger settings, so we use these to attempt to reproduce the issue? Does this happen with all sets of commits or just some - any particular trait? Also which version of Continua CI are you running?

Another thing to check is configuration conditions. If you have set up a configuration condition and the `Accumulate changes’ checkbox is checked, then changesets will accumulate on one build.

Hi Dave,

  1. as far as i know it should not possible to have two commits with the same hash. And the commits where i have this problems have different hashes.
  2. Skip commits previously built by this trigger is checked, the other (for configuration) not. But can this be the problem as the first commit was not build?
  3. I could reproduce the issue with following steps: create one commit (don’t push it to the server), create a second one and than push both in one push action to the git server.
  4. Can you tell me which trigger setting is interesting for you. The other settings seems to be ok.
    Quiet Period Type = Interval in minutes
    Quiet Interval = 0
    Associate Changesets = Latest
    Section Tags Trigger on = Don not trigger on tag changes
    Section Users and Files are default.
  5. I have only a discard condition in this configuration
  6. continua version is

Sorry, should have been clearer - no two commits can have the same hash, but a commit can occur on multiple branches in the changeset history. If a repository is set up to detect changes on multiple branches, multiple Continua CI changesets can exist for one commit.

This is exactly what we were doing in our tests, but…

we can now reproduce this behaviour with a single discard condition!

We’re working on a fix now.

We’ve now uploaded new versions v1.9.1.777 (and beta) with a fix for this issue.

Tested and works as expected. Thanks for help.