Is it possible to reset all build logs for a specific project/configuration?

I would like to reset a specific configuration build logs to a state where it is like this configuration was never built (so that the next run will be the first log in the configuration history).
Is this possible somehow?

Hi @ktopaz,

Currently, the only way to achieve this is via the cleanup policy.

If you override the Cleanup policy for the configuration, set the “Maximum builds” to 0, and tick all the boxes under “What to cleanup”, then click “Save & Run Cleanup Run”, this should start a background process to remove all non-pinned builds. You can then reset the “Version Counter” on the Details page of the Configuration Wizard to 0.

We have an task on our to-do list to make this simpler via a single button.

Hi @ktopaz,

Version adds Reset configuration buttons to the Manage tab of the Project wizard.

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