High CPU usage on Continua Agent Service


we are observing a high load of more than 60% CPU usage on the Agent Service. There’s a regular break when the cpu usage goes down to approx. 2-3% for about five seconds, before it will go up again. There are no active builds running.

We noticed build times going up about 2-3 weeks ago. The server got restarted, trying to solve the issue. As we usually install the latest version of Continua it could be version introducing the problems to us. If not caused by any other issue.


Hi Thomas,

The processes which run on the agent when no build is running are property collection, workspace cleanup, and repository synchronisation.

We did recently change the repository synchronisation to start as soon as a changeset is detected rather than waiting for the build to start executing, but this should mostly be running under a Mercurial ‘hg’ process.

If you have recently changed any of your cleanup settings then there may be a backlog of workspace cleanup running. If so, then you should see plenty of disk activity too.

Nothing has changed with property collection for a long while, but something may have changed on the agent machine which means there is an additional property that it is having trouble collecting.

We’re only seeing an average of less than 0.1 CPU cycles on our agent services, so we’ll need some additional information to diagnose this.

Can you enable debug logging on the agent? After restarting the service, wait until you see the high CPU usage, leave running for a few minutes, then send the debug log to support at finalbuilder.com. Ensure that you note the time that the high CPU usage started, so we can match this against the corresponding log entries.

Logs send by mail.