FinalBuilder Action: Select FB8 Project File from a different branch

I have a git repository holding my FB8 Project files
This repository has branches on it, and I’d like to create a Continua-CI “FinalBuilder Action” that will run a (FB8) project file from that repository but from a different branch.

I’ve added the repository under the relevant configuration level and set the default branch to the branch name the updated project files are stored.
Alas when trying to edit the FinalBuilder action and select a project file - the drop down menu is populated with FB8 projects from the master branch and not from the branch I would like to run them from.

Is what I’m asking for possible in the current CCI version ( if so - how could I set this up? what am I missing?
If this is not possible (selecting FB8 project to run from a branch) - could this be considered as a feature request?

Hi ktopaz,

The browse drop down menu currently searches for project files in the latest changeset regardless of branch. We agree, however, that it makes more sense to search the default repository branch for the configuration, and we are currently working on changing it to work as so. Thank you for pointing this out.

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The Browse button behaviour has been updated to get files from the default branch in version

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Dave, Thank you very much!