Error when saving File Transfer action

While trying to use the new premium action for file transfer I get an error when saving the configuration claiming that a file or assembly Rebex.FileTransfer cannot be found.

Continua CI version

Hmm, strange, for some reason the installer is not picking up some files it should be.

Try copying Rebex.*.dll from the agent install folder into the Server folder (there should be 8 rebex). We’ll get another update out next week with the installer fixed.

Well, that produces a different error message (translated from German):

The object of type “Continua.Stepping.ExpansionContext” cannot be converted to “Continua.Modules.Builds.API.Actions.IBuildSteppingContext”.

I’ve looked at the code and there is an invalid and redundant cast in the validation for that action. We will get that fixed on Monday.

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Hi Uwe,

Version includes some fixes for the File Transfer action.

Thanks for the quick fix.

Unfortunately I now encounter another problem: When I enter my hostname “” I get an error like “The hostname could not be analyzed”.

How am I supposed to enter that hostname?

I’m not able to reproduce that here (I literally entered your hostname), and I can’t see that error message in our code. What protocol are you using?

My bad! I somehow managed to accidentally check “Use proxy” - sorry!