E-Mail Templates and "Issue Links" inside commit message


with the e-mail template i can add issues as a separate item list. It is not possible to recognize issue links inside the commit message, however. The WebUI “Changes” does support this already. If this can be supported with the mail templates too, we can remove the issue column, thus gaining more visible space for the commit message.


Good idea - we’ll make a CommentHTML variable available next version (with issue links)

Hi Dave,

thanks a lot. The feature works fine with build I had to remove the escape filter, though, which is necessary for the ‘comment’ variable.

For those interested - see both variants:

  • {{change.CommentHTML | newline_to_br}}
  • {{change.Comment | escape | newline_to_br}}

:thinking: It makes sense to bake the ‘newline_to_br’ filter into the CommentHTML property. We do this for the next version.

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Dave, that’s perfect and will make it easier to use out of the box :slight_smile:

Released with Continua CI -

Thanks a lot! Works fine.