Delete Build Button


with version in a feature was added to remove builds from history.

Feature: Builds can now be deleted from the build history via a new ‘Delete Build’ button added to the Build View toolbar. Users must have the new Builds.Delete permissions before they can delete builds.

However, i was not able to discover that button. I’m in the ‘administrators’ group. I also added myself to the “project administrators” group to check, if this matters.

Any ideas?


Hi Thomas,

Did you look on the build page? See below:

Note, that this only appears for finished builds - not running builds, and only for users with the “Delete Builds” permission. By default, both the Administrators and Project Administrators groups (and other groups) have this permission. Check which roles and permissions are associated with these groups under Access Control, and check which permissions the roles have under Roles in the Administration section.

I missed that one. I did not really take a look at it, as i unconsciously recognized this as a [X] close function. Thanks for the screenshot as well as the functionality. It’s working fine.