"Build Initialising" times are longer than usual

Hi Guys,

Our builds used to be in “Build Initialising” state for a few seconds max, before queueing and running.
Recently (few days) they are in “Build Initialising” state ~1 minute, which is much longer.
Wondering what could cause this and how to resolve it?

We’re running Continua CI with 1 server and few agents.

Hi Arik,

The “Build Initialising” state is made up of several processes. You can see which one is taking the most time of the Timeline tab of the Build view.

It is most likely to be waiting for a repository to be checked for new changeset and updating that changeset in the repository cache. If so, then what type of repository is it and has it got significantly larger recently?

If there are no clues in the timeline, then a debug log would be needed to look into this in more depth.

According to the timeline tab, it is the “Associating changesets with the build.” that takes all this time - this step alone is ~1 minute, this never took more than 1-2 seconds previously.

Perhaps this is an issue with the DB?

Our repositories didn’t grow in any significant order of magnitude.
We’re using 2 git repos for our builds: 1 of them is big mono repo (few GBs)
But we don’t checkout files from this mono repo to the CI workspace.
The other repo is really small and only has the FinalBuilder Projects and some scripts in it.

Hi Arik,

This step only takes a couple of hundred milliseconds on our server, so we need some more details from you to help diagnose this. Can you enable debug logging on the server, run a build, then send the debug log to me via direct message or support email? The debug log will include some timings in this area which will help us to narrow down which database query or otherwise is causing the bottleneck.

A fix for this issue has been included in v1.9.2.895.

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