Automise 4 not starting

We have tons of Automise jobs and we are using TWS scheduler to kick-off command file which starts Automise. Two months ago (probably after some patches in our servers) random Automise jobs are not starting. Random time, different jobs on different servers. We can see that ATCMD.exe in TASK manager is running, but it is not starting Automise (the .log4 shows previous run time). Next instance of the same jobs runs successfully, since the log is not busy. We have to manually kill the long running job or it will ‘run’ forever in TASK manager.
Any idea what can cause it?

Are there any event’s in the windows event log that might show what is happening?

It’s impossible to know exactly what might be the cause here but the usual comes to mind

  1. Anti-virus software blocking ATCMD
  2. Permissions - did the user’s permissions change?
  3. Log file corruption - try renaming the log file - automise will create a new one on the next run.
  4. Lack of disk space

Also, Automise 4 is long out of support (March 2017), I would recommend you look at upgrading to Automise 5 which has numerous improvements since AT4 - VSoft Technologies > Downloads > Automise > Automise 5 Version History