Actions and property collectors

Hi VSoft,
which property collector is used by the Run DOS Command action? And is there a way how I can see for each action which property collectors they are using?
My problem is that on one agent my Run DOS Command works (a simple ping and on a other Agent i get the error ‘The executable was not found at path “”.’. And I get also no notification that my second agent is not compatible with that stage. I’m not sure but for me it looks like a problem with a property collector which is not set on the second Agent.

The Run dos command doesn’t use property collectors, it uses the ComSpec environment variable. Have
a look at the environment variables for that agent. The comspec typically points to


is it possible that C:\Windows\System32\PING.EXE is missing?

I would also check that your system path isn’t messed up.

Hi Vincent,
the system which does not work does not have a environment variable called ‘ComSpec’. It’s a window Server 2016. Is it possible that this variable is not set in never windows server versions?
BTW: The ‘Windows.cmd’ property collector is found.

Which edition of Windows Server is it? As far as I can remember, every version of windows since 3 has had the comspec variable, and the windows 2016 servers we have here do.

It’s a windows server 2016 standard

Hi Albrecht,

We have added a property collector to the Run DOS Command / Batch File action in version to handle this situation.