Workspace rules: is it possible to copy files to server from an absolute path on the agent?

I’m trying to copy files from an absoulte path on the agent, to the server.
I’ve tried this way:

/html_reports << C:\IVS\Resources\Android\StudioProject\client\build\reports\tests\testGoogleDebugUnitTest\**
/unit_test_results << C:\IVS\Resources\Android\StudioProject\client\build\test-results\testGoogleDebugUnitTest\**

I can’t save these rules because of the colon character in "C:"
Is there a way to escape it? I tried with a "" character but to no avail…
Or is copying from an absolute path not supported entirely?

Hi Arik,

As stated in the documentation, workspace rules can only be used to transfer files between agent and server workspaces. You will therefore need to copy the files into a workspace folder first using Copy actions within the stage (or as part of your Finalbuilder project).

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