Workspace artifacts

Our configurations are multiplying and we are starting to run out of space… :slight_smile:
Usual configuration consists of “build stage” and “test stage”.
Build stage is executed on “big” agent and test stage is executed on “small” agent.
It is due to the fact that for build we need computing power and for tests we need time.

So, to make it work we copy build artifacts via workspace copy. Sometimes those artifacts are registered as artifacts, sometimes it’s just copy between agents.
My problem is that some of those artifacts are heavy and are not registered as “artifacts”, so that they can be download after the build finished.
Those artifacts are not removed on workspace cleanup, only after build is “old” enough and is remove completely, this takes a massive amount of space on Continua Server, and as such are not used nor accessible.

Is there a way to only keep registered artifacts and reports on Continua Server ?
Is there a way to delete artifact on Server side after copy to agent ?

Hi Michal,

You could create a new cleanup rule which cleans up Other Files only and set the Minimum and Maximum Builds to 0. This should cleanup up all files except registered artifacts from the server for all builds when the cleanup rules run (e.g. once a day).

We don’t currently have a means to delete server files, other than with the cleanup up rules. I guess what you would need is a delete/move workspace rule pattern. This is maybe something we can look into implementing.

Another option is the use a << Agent to Server workspace rule at the end of the build to overwrite a server folder with an empty set of files. e.g.

/TemporaryFiles << /*.nonexistingfile

Clean up rule works like a charm and it is what I needed :slight_smile:

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OK, maybe there is one caveat :smiley:
It seems that “Reports” are also deleted :wink:

OK, that’s something that we’ll need to look at. Meanwhile, can you add the report files as artifiacts?

some yes, some no
one report is Bullseye generated coverage which has thousands of small files, I think that would break the “artifacts” tab on the build page :slight_smile:

edit. I’ll try the clearing workspace rule.