What role / permission allows refreshing repositories from input forms?

As an administrator, I have the option to refresh repositories in the input form:


The developers have only stop/start build, and “view configuration” permissions enabled for them at the moment (custom role)
They don’t have the option to refresh in this form like I do.
What specific permission gives this refresh/reload option next to the repositories?


Hi @ktopaz,

The refresh button is displayed for users which have edit permissions at the scope of the repository.

For configuration scope repositories, Configurations.Edit permission is required on the configuration;
for project scope repositories, Projects.Edit permission is required on the project;
and for global scope repositories, Administration.ManageCIServer permission is required.

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… and the next version will also include a Build.CheckRepositories permission, which can be used to allow users to start a repository check without allocating full editing permissions.

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Hi Dave,
Just noticed (after a couple of years :slight_smile: )
That the button/icon for refreshing the repo is missing although the role has this permissions enabled:

Hi Arik,

The permissions required are dependant on the scope of the repository.

Configuration repositories require: Configurations.Edit and Builds.CheckRepositories
Project repositories require: Projects.Edit and Builds.CheckRepositories
Global repositories require: Administration.ManageCIServer and Builds.CheckRepositories

However, I believe there should really be an OR between each of these permission sets, so that Builds.CheckRepositories on its own is enough.

We’ll change this for the next release.

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These permissions have been fixed in v1.9.2.1139.

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