Web service action timeout

I am using the Web service action in FinalBuilder 8, and I am seeing a timeout message:
“The request was aborted: The operation has timed out.”
I do not see any service timeout setting on the action, but in the .fbp8 file I find:
“as.servicetimeout = 0” on the service settings.
My question is: Does the action have its own timeout, and in that case how long is it and can I change it.
Or is the timeout the result of some underlying transport (Web service is using WCF)

Hi Jørgen

There is a timeout setting, however it’s not exposed to the UI for some reason… so when you see 0 in the fbp8 file, that means the default timeout is used. The default is 100 seconds though, which is pretty long.

You can set the ServiceTimeout property via the Action Properties Tab (View menu or F12).

We’ll look at hooking this property up to the standard timout ui for actions.

Hi Vincent

Thank you so much. I was not aware of this “Properties Tab” feature. I have not yet tried to increase the timeout, but in this particular case 100 seconds is not long. This is a very old web service interfacing with a VMM (Hyper-V) and doing a “Revert to checkpoint” operation. Until now 100 seconds have been sufficient (for many years actually), but lately the operation randomly takes much longer time, but actually does complete OK.