VS 2019 - unable to build

I have a problem while trying to build VS 2019 project without MSBuild usage:

Errors : Executable not found : C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2019\Preview\Common7\IDE\devenv.com

Path is wrong, latest VS 2019 with all updates used. For some reasons path is for Preview version of VS used.

VS2019 doesn’t write it’s install location to the registry like earlier versions did, so we just check for the standard install locations to try and detect the install path. It’s likely you had a Preview version installed at some time.

You can set the VS2019 location in the options (tools menu, options), search for visual and you will find it.

If you elect to use MSBuild you will face a similar problem, see this blog post https://www.finalbuilder.com/resources/blogs/visual-studio-2017-rc-support