VMware ESXi 6.5.0 not compatible with VIX / vmrun.exe

Our IT department recently upgraded our VMware infrastructure to ESXi 6.5. Our FinalBuilder VMware revert snapshot and start VM actions no longer work since vmrun.exe uses VMware VIX which is not compatible with 6.5. Are there any plans to support newer versions of ESXi?


Compatibility chart for VIX

Hi Gary

Apologies for the delay in replying.

It’s seems vmware change client interfaces as often as their underwear!

We will have to generate a whole new set of actions for the new command line interface. For now you will need to use th Execute Program action with their new vmware-cmd tool - https://code.vmware.com/doc/preview?id=4164#/doc/vmware-cmd.html

We need to find a machine here (or purchase a new one) capable of running esxi 6.5 since all our server’s are currently fully employed running hyper-v, so it may take us a while to get to this.

Thanks for the reply Vincent! It is a bit ridiculous how many ways you can talk to VMware. I ended up writing a Custom Action that uses PowerCLI / PowerShell to do the revert. With PowerCLI you don’t need the vmx storage path, only need the VM name which is nice. I can’t run it asynchronously and PowerShell randomly throws an error but it always succeeds as long as the info is correct.

Thanks again and have a good holiday and a happy new year!