Variable W/Dropdown select prompt (Label:Value) - initialized with label instead of value when triggered

Hi Guys,


A configuration has a variable with a drop down select prompt - using labels and values.
Initial Value is one of the labels.

When triggering the build manually with the play button - the variable’s value is updated with the label’s matching value as expected.
But when triggering the build with a trigger (periodic for example) - the variable’s value is NOT updated - and it remains with its initial value (the label string, not the value string).

Can you please take a look and correct this if possible?

Hi Arik,

We tested this today and it appears to be working correctly. If a prompt is not shown, then the variable is initialised with the value in the Initial Value field. Note that this is not an “Initial Label” field - if you enter a label name in the Initial Value then it will be used as the initial value of the variable without any mapping.

This indeed is not an “Initial Label” field, however please consider that whatever this field is called - the value inside of it is used to populate the prompt.
Since I can’t maintain two initial values (for Label and for Value) I now must choose between:

  • Holding a “Label string” in the initial value field (for the sake of having the prompt pre-select the default label and display it nicely in the form for the users to see)
  • Holding a “Value string” in the initial value field for cases when the configuration is triggered automatically without prompting. (which makes the prompt display the value, not the label - when running it manually)

How about splitting the initial variable value option to 2 input fields Label:Value in such use cases?
Or at least changing it so it will become “Initial Label” indeed, and the initial value will be determined by the initial co-responding label?

The prompt is pre-selected based on the value not the label. e.g.

With a variable defined as:

The prompt shows as:

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Thank you! I was not aware that prompt is pre-selected based on the value and displays the matching label! This resolves the “issue” :slight_smile:
Thanks again Dave!