Variable dictionary / map? populate value based on selected keys in form?

Hi Guys,

I’m trying to create a mechanism that will allow developers running builds to select from multipole chat channels to send messages to to.
the chat channel webhook URLs are to be stored in a global variable or multiple variables.
The configurations have a form prompt variable that allows selecting from multiple channels (keys)
I need some way to translate the selected keys to the URLS I have stored in global variable(s)
Is that somehow possible within Continua CI?


Hi @ktopaz,

We are planning to add a new field to Dropdown Selection variable prompt so that you can specify labels and values. This will allow the use to select a label, e.g. the channel name, but the variable gets set to another value, e.g. the channel URL or a variable which expands to the channel URL.

Meanwhile, there are a couple of options:

  1. Use If and Else actions along with Set Variable actions to set a new variable based on the value of the key variable e.g.


  1. Add a number to the start of each of the keys and use this number to select a item from a list in another variable. e.g.

With the following variables:



This expression will select a line from the Urls variable matching the value selected for the Key variable:

$Utils.GetString(%Urls%).Split("\n").Item( $Utils.GetString(%Key%).Remove(1).ToNumber().Decrement()$)$

To explain:

$Utils.GetString(%Key%) gets the Key variable to a string that we can work with,
.Remove(1).ToNumber() we then remove all but the first character which is taken as a number,
.Decrement()$ and decremented to a zero based index.

$Utils.GetString(%Urls%) gets the Urls variable to a string that we can work with,
.Split("\n") then splits this string into an array of lines,
.Item( $Utils.GetString(%Key%).Remove(1).ToNumber().Decrement()$)$ and we then select the item from that array for the index generated from the Key variable

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