Using command line parameters in DUnitX action

Hello, guys
I have a DUnitX project. Before start tests I must connect to the database using alias, login and pass. I send this parameters to project using command line. But when I create action DUnitX in Continua I can not using command line properties. How can I send this parameters to my project on start?

We will need to update the DUnitX action to allow adding extra command line arguments. Also, in your DUnitX project, since DUnitX uses an old version of this command line library I would think that unless you have registered the command line args in the application that it would complain about unknown command line args?

One work around that you could use today is to pass the values as environment variables to the DUnitX application - you would need to modify your app to read the environment variable (sysutils GetEnvironmentVariable ).

If you update DUnitX action to adding extra command line arguments in the feature it will be super!
I try to use extra command line arguments like on the screenshot. But I get only error than exe file not found.

Using environment variables … maybe … so so solution)
But if there is no other solution yet, I can try this too.

Hi Sergey,

An Additional Arguments field has been added to the DUnitX action for the next release version.

Thanks! We will wait for it!