Update of "_CI_ChangesetDetails.xml" broken?


we have an issue with Continua When we build on branch master, submodules are listed correctly for the xml file. When we build on another branch, information for submodules will not be created at all.

Any ideas?


Hi Thomas,

The code works the same independent of the current branch. It gets the list of submodules from the .gitmodules file.

Can you check that this file exists in the other branches? Maybe the format is different. If you send us a copy of the file we can check if there is anything that does not match our parsing algorithm.

Note that the _CI_ChangesetDetails.xml file is written at the time the changeset is detected and stored in the cache. If the Recursive or Write changeset details to file options were not set at the time the changeset was stored in the cache then the file won’t exist with submodule details for that changeset.

Otherwise, we would need a debug log to understand what is happening, as we are unable to reproduce this issue here.

Hi Dave,

thanks for the hint. A repository reset solved the issue. Please note, that both options had been set by the time the changeset got stored.