Unexpected upgrade of Continua's Database


we upgraded to node.js 14 LTS Version on our buildserver, coming from node.js 10 LTS. Before that we stopped the Continua Service. The install required a reboot. To our surprise Continua upgraded its (PostgreSQL) database, when the system started. The system runs fine, so far. Any ideas why this happened?

Hi Thomas,

Where did you see that Continua upgraded it’s database? What version was it and what version is it now? Only the installer includes code to upgrade the database.

I had my browser open and was able to observer Continua’s startup process there. We are running the latest version of Continua.

I think you are referring to the database structure migration which does work on server start up, but that should only run once for each new version of Continua CI. Each database migration is recorded in the versioninfo table in the database.

If there are no new database migrations to run then you will still see the following migration messages on start up:

5:32:58 PM : Starting service Continua version 9999.0.0.9999. 834ms
5:32:59 PM : Initialising service. 155ms
5:32:59 PM : Migrating database. 132ms
5:32:59 PM : Initialising database migrations..... 404ms
5:33:00 PM : Using connection string #######. 22ms
5:33:00 PM : Running database migrations..... 1s 281ms
5:33:01 PM : Database migrations completed.
5:33:01 PM : Database migration done. 4ms

I can connect to the db server, but querying data is not possible, as i get a socket error.

“could not send data to server: Socket is not connected (0x00002749/10057) could not send SSL negotiation packet: Socket is not connected (0x00002749/10057)”.

As often, when start chasing one issue, you end up with other/more trouble :frowning:

Googeling, this can be related to the server configuration using localhost or maybe not using the latest pgAdmin tool. I stop chasing the issue here, as Continua runs fine. Thanks for your help anyway!

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