Unable to get log information - Automise

(Jonathan) #1

I am having a weird issue with one of my Automise installs. Logging options are set the same as my other install, which is working fine, but I am unable to either view the logs within Automise or to export a log file. The project is failing, and without a way to view the logs (Run History view will not show any records at all, and clicking on the "Expand" arrow does nothing), I cannot figure out what the issue is.

Is there a switch somewhere that may be corrupted in a settings file? Does a later version possibly fix this problem?



(Vincent Parrett) #2

This sounds like a corrupted log file. The best option is to rename/delete the log file, Automise will create a fresh one. The log file will have the same name as the project file, with a .atl5 file extension.

(Jonathan) #3

This was user error. I was opening a different instance of the project from the one that was running on the Task Scheduler. All is fine. Thank you for answering me, though.