Unable to add a Newline to output a text file

Trying to build a text file by starting with a variable set to and empty string and adding values (a string with a newline) to it. However, I found no way of doing it. String Add Breaks does not have an “End of String” option which would be best. I tried selecting “Instead of String” and placing it in a variable named CRLF but doing a string concatenation with %CRLF% would not not work either. For now, I had to result to just using a pipe character as a delimiter and writing out the file. The app consuming the file has to properly parse this delimiter rather than doing a normal text file read.

Hi Greg

The Append to Variable action is probably what you need for this.

BTW, I moved this topic to FB discussion as it’s not a continua issue.

Sorry for mis-classification. Append to Variable action worked like a charm. Thanks.