Type mismatch: 'Action.MajorVersion'

(Sam Phen) #1

Have a new project with one action to compile a Delphi 10.2 project. Everything looks OK, but when I run it, I’m getting a “An unhandled exception (‘Type mismatch: ‘Action.MajorVersion’’) occurred in FinalBuilder8.exe [600864].”

This was action was copied from another project and then tweaked. I created a new action that is basically the same and it works. Comparing the DSL, I see
name = BeforeAction
script >
Action.MajorVersion = VERSION1_MAJOR
Action.MinorVersion = VERSION2_MINOR
Action.ReleaseVersion = VERSION3_RELEASE
Action.BuildVersion = VERSION4_BUILD
scriptlanguage = VBScript
in the one that fails. Defining the variables make the error go away. However, I cannot find where in the action dialog tabs that this is accessible to remove/edit/etc. Is it an artifact from FB7? Reporting this since a more user friendly error than an unhandled exception is probably desired.

(Vincent Parrett) #2

What version/build of FinalBuilder 8 is this. Undefined variables shouldn’t cause an av. To edit the script, select the action, then look at the script editor tab (if you have trouble finding it, use the view menu, script editor).

(Sam Phen) #3


View Script Editor is what I needed. Removed script and it is happy. But above version does show the unhandled exception dialog.

(Vincent Parrett) #4

I believe it was fixed after that version, I’m not able to reproduce the problem with the current release.

(Sam Phen) #5

OK, thanks. I’ll upgrade after our next release.